Thursday, August 11, 2016

Plantronics BackBeat Fit

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As a self-proclaimed runner at the age of 42, running doesn’t come as easy as 1-2-3. To help in the motivation factor to run, I realized that music plays a big part. I used to think that running with music is not something I would like. How can I hear the traffic? What if someone calls out to me? Can I hear??

In comes the BackBeat Fit wireless earphones.

2016-07-22 13.53.56

First thing first, why wireless? This is a no-brainer for me. I cannot imagine running with tangling wires all over the place. With wireless earphones, the problem is solved and running is more pleasant.

2016-07-23 22.56.04

Unpacking the earphones, and I have the red version. It comes in blue and neon green colors too.

2016-07-22 14.26.33 2016-07-22 14.29.02

The earphones come in a sleek pouch that holds the charging cable.

2016-07-22 14.29.47 2016-07-22 14.30.31

Turn the pouch inside-out and you get the double use as a reflective running armband.

2016-07-22 14.31.12

Battery life is 2.5 hours charge for 7 hours use. I realized for a 10km run, typically I can use the earphones for about 6 runs, pretty close to the estimated given battery life.

2016-07-22 14.57.03

Download the BackBeat Fit App and follow through the easy steps to register your earphones and even set up the link to find your earphones when you misplaced it.

2016-07-22 14.57.51 2016-07-22 14.58.08 2016-07-22 14.58.26

2016-07-22 17.14.32 2016-07-22 17.14.53

Putting on the earphones was simple and easy, no difficulty. Tried calling out to my wife with siri and the earphones worked perfectly. We can hear each other clearly and no disturbance. I’m a happy man if my wife can hear me.

2016-08-01 13.27.27 2016-08-01 13.28.13

One of the best feature of the earphone and I have successfully recommended to at least 4 of my friends so far, is the contoured eartips which allows the wearer to hear your surroundings. This is extremely crucial for me as I prefers to run at night and with my old earphones, I usually cannot hear the surrounding traffic or even the bicycle just behind me. This usually resulted in me hooking on only one side of my previous earphones.

But with BackBeat Fit, the safety aspect is well taken care of.

2016-07-22 17.07.11

2016-07-22 17.08.17 2016-07-22 17.10.06

With at least 4-5 runs with the new earphones around my neighborhood, I took the earphones for a real test in the recent 10km race I have signed up for. This is the first time I am listening to music on a long run.

The earphones are nicely tugged in my ears and you can hardly see it from the front view. My before and after look with the earphones.

2016-08-07 08.35.55 2016-08-07 08.36.39

Points noted:

#1 the earphones didn’t move much at all, I did not have to adjust or was afraid that it will fall out.

#2 as you can see after the run, I was sweating crazy but there was no issues with the sound quality.

#3 I was totally aware of my environment when running, I could hear the heavy steps of the runner that was about to overtake me, and allowed me to keep to my side and not bang into him.

#4 related to the point above, I was still able to enjoy my music without having to adjust the volume.


Now, the earphones are the first thing I look out for in the morning when I leave the house for work or at night when I go for a run. Totally loving it!

2016-07-22 17.09.14

Last but not least, for all my readers, I have good news!

If you are interested to purchase the Plantronics BackBeat Fit wireless earphones, I am going to extend a 30% discount to you, courtesy of the people from Plantronics!

Just go to this website ( to place you order, and when you checkout, key in this special discount code jdad3d.

This offer will only be valid till 8th Sep 2016.
The 30% discount is valid for ALL Plantronics products on the website.

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