Friday, December 19, 2014

Whole&Hearty Breakfast & Yoghurt

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Healthy breakfast is fast becoming a norm in our busy city. More working class adults are making their own soaked oats with fruits or various seeds. But we were brought to ICON Village to meet up with Whole&Hearty, an open-concept takeaway breakfast and fresh yoghurt bar that brings a wholesome range of breakfast options for a sumptuous yet healthy start to the day.


This little shop is run by Christine Yee de Souza, a mother of 2 kids, who started by routinely preparing home-making breakfast for her children. And now she is bringing it to the table not only for her kids but also to like-minded people who would enjoy the same healthy breakfast without going through the hassle of preparing all the ingredients yourself, a fuss-free healthy choice.


This is a new-to-Singapore concept focused on clean eating and features cultured, probiotic foods such as Kefir Juice, Milk Kefir and Fresh Home-made Yoghurt.

TL7C6079 TL7C6080

There is also a micro-retail section featuring a range of curated products such as Single-origin Chocolates, The Edible Company Granola and Hunter’s Kitchenette Nut Butter.





We were there to have a first-hand experience of this healthy choice.

First, select the size of your cup (I chose the M size). Fill up whatever you want and how much you want (till the brim) with all the healthy choices available.

Soaked Baby Oats & Homemade Yoghurt with Dragonfruit & Nata de Coco.



Next choose from the many toppings available.


TL7C6083 TL7C6065

TL7C6066 TL7C6067 TL7C6068

My final product!

TL7C6091 TL7C6093

Still not enough, I want more! Thankfully, Jayne likes the oats just like me.

TL7C6077 TL7C6078

Whole & Hearty
12 Gopeng Street, #01-84 (ICON Village)
Mobile: 9855 4290

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

CIELO Cream Hair Colour

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For those who have been following me on Instagram or Twitter, would probably by now know that this year I am turning 40. Doing my best to keep the youth in me and create memories like my first solo overseas trip, I was excited to receive the offer to do a review for CIELO Cream Hair Colour, a convenient and hassle-free home dye kit for perfect gray coverage.


Gone are the days, where I can boast that I do not have gray hair. Nowadays, the only way to comfort myself is the black is still more than the gray. So you understand the excitement for this review right? If you cannot understand, it just means you are still young.

A photo before the action.
As you can see from the side view of my head, the strands of white (tho short), are standing out pretty obviously.


This is my first time doing my own hair coloring process, usually my dear wife will mix the hair color and apply for me. But with Cielo, it is as easy as 1,2,3. Let me show you.

IMG_5809 IMG_5810

Unpack the box and you will find all that you need neatly packed. The spray can for the dye, comb to administer the dyeing, gloves, and even a small plastic tube to assist cleaning the spray can’s nozzle if there are remaining hair color which you can use for touch ups later.


Check out the simple video on how I did my first self hair color at home.

Keep the hair color on for 15-20mins.


The results after 20mins. It is obvious that the gray hairs are covered. Even leaving a tinge of brown on the top. Mission success! I have done it, yet another milestone in my 40 years living =)


I’m happy with my mini transformation, will definitely be using this hair color from now on.

CIELO Cream Hair Color

1. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Spray on the comb. Comb on the hair. Wash your hair.
2. It’s the perfect gray coverage. Even to the roots of the hair, and all in only 15mins.
3. It’s designed for multiple applications for touch up. Just clean up the nozzle with the given plastic tube and you can use the spray again. No wastage.
4. Currently on promotion 2 for only $28.00 (usual $17.90 each).
5. It’s available in leading pharmacies and supermarkets.

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Butcher’s Dog

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One of the many perks for being a blogger is the blessings that comes along for the family, especially during the festive seasons like Christmas! Courtesy of The Butcher’s Dog, we were treated to some of the festive feast and Christmas canapes, coupled with The Cellar Door’s bubbly, red and white!




DSC_3614 DSC_3615

DSC_3630 DSC_3632

The Butcher’s Dog sells fresh meat too.

DSC_3618 DSC_3619

DSC_3620 DSC_3621


All good things doesn’t stop just there, since it is Christmas season, we were blessed with a huge Nyonya-Thai inspired Bedazzling Bibik Turkey for the family!


And this is how you eat your Turkey!


All items are available for collection at The Butcher’s Dog from 12 to 31 Dec 2014 & 1 Jan 2015 (last collection at 7.30pm). The last collection on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve has to be before 7pm.
The seasonal gifts are available for pre-orders from 15 Nov to 22 Dec 2014. Prices starting from $59 per set. To order, please call or download the order forms from or shop at the outlet.

Dazzling Centerpiece Roasts


The port and prune infused Pretty Princess Turkey (S$108 for 3.5 to 4.4kg before roasting or S$138 for 5.5 to 6.3kg before roasting) in its gorgeous rich purple tone is brined with the woody and rich fruity notes of Taylor’s 10-year-old tawny port, fresh prunes, and prune juice for 3 days, then oven roasted at 150 degree Celsius for 1 hour 30mins till an alluring holiday scent wafts out of the oven.
A generous serving of the port and prune sauce accompanies this centerpiece together with stuffing of fresh prune, carrots, onions, celery and minced pork and beef.


The Nyonya-Thai inspired Bedazzling Bibik Turkey (S$89 for 3.5 to 4.4kg before roasting or S$108 for 5.5 to 6.3kg before roasting) is brined and marinated for 3 days with a pungent blend of fried spices – herbs, lemongrass, chilies, shallots, garlic, tamarind, blue ginger (galangal), and lime leaves before it is oven roasted at 150 degree Celsius for 1 hour 30mins.
This Asian centerpiece retains the juices of the herbs, spices and turkey, and the aromatics simply permeate through the glistening brown skin and meat when carved. To complete the experience is a savoury and heady sauce made from the same concoction.

Heart-flattering Party Takeaways


Kapiti Cheese Platter (S$88 per set, serves up to 10 guests)
The four types of cheese are:
1. Kapiti Kahikatea Camembert
2. Kapiti Kikorangi Blue
3. Kapiti Aged Cheddar
4. Kapiti Smoked Harvati.

clip_image002[13] clip_image002[15]

For ham and hock lovers, the cold cut party platter (S$88 per set, serves up to 10 guests) and the Smoked Premium Honey-Glazed Gammon Ham Bone-In (SS$129.90 per set, serves up to 12 guests), will make excellent choices!

clip_image002[17] clip_image002[19] clip_image002[21]

For carnivore fanatics, take your pick from the SaltBush Roast Lamb Leg with Gourmet Sauce, Meat Standards Australia/ MSA (S$95.90 per set, serves up to 6 guests), the Lamb Crown Roast with Sausage Stuffing (S$168 per set, serves up to 6 guests), or Beef Wellington (S$160 per set, serves up to 5 guests).


Take Christmas to a whole new level with the Bouche de Noel Log Cake (S$59 per cake, serves up to 15 guests) – a Valrhona Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with a Black Stout Center and Crunchy Chocolate Pearls on a sponge base.

Festive Hampers


Family Merriment includes the following items:
1. Honey-Baked Ham, 1kg
Traditional Christmas Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing & Giblet Gravy, 3.5 to 4.5kg.


Holiday Revelry includes the following items:
1. Capon Roast Chicken, approx., 1.7kg
2. Crispy Pork Knuckles, 1kg
. Grass-fed Premium Roast Beef, 1kg
4. 8 pieces of Traditional Homemade Brandy Mince Pies
5. The Cellar Door’s Selection Merlot 2013.


The Butcher’s Dog
1 Kim Seng Promenade, Great World City #B2-11/12, S(237994)
Opening Hours: 9.30am to 9pm daily
Tel: 6836 8498