Thursday, March 5, 2015

Film Photography

After venturing into the digital world of photography for about 4-5 years, I have finally returned to the reason for my interest in photography. The captivating film photography.

This was the type of photography I grew up with. Watching my uncles and relatives fiddling with their cameras, loading films and waiting for the developing of the negatives, all these, were exactly the reasons for my passion in photography.

Frankly speaking, when I first bought my D90 DSLR, I never thought one day I will step back in time to film. Thank God for the undying desire and eventually I bought my first film camera, a second-hand Nikon FM2n.

2015-01-14 19.56.48

The Nikon FM2n is an advanced semi-professional, interchangeable lens, 35mm film, single-lens reflex (SLR) camera. Produced in 1984, this camera has a history of more than 30 years.

Now I can call myself a proud owner of one!

2014-12-29 13.51.10-1

Happy to load up a Kodak film and started my journey.

The first shot. Over exposed because of faulty shutter curtain. Was trying to take the interior of a tour bus with its wooden bench.


Did a few scenery shots of sunset.


Still object shots.

F1000020 F1000037



F1000002 F1000004


Love the bokeh of the shots.




Was quite pleased that I managed to get a few good shots of the girls on movement.



F1000009 F1000010

The favorite of my maiden film photography.


Monday, March 2, 2015

[Giveaway] Kenny Ahern Performance - To Laugh is to Live


The March school holidays are coming up! And I will be giving happy to be give away 1 set of tickets (Sunday 3:30pm) for 4 pax to the highly anticipated Kenny Ahern Performance.

Produced by Red Nose, this is a physical comedy and circus arts rolled into one show for ALL AGES (4 years and above).

The Red Nose is a movement to promote a better life through love and laughter. So you can be sure this production lives up to its name of both love and laughter.

Kenny is a renowned performer who has toured the globe from Moscow to Minneapolis, delighting audiences of all ages with his comic antics.

2015-02-26 10.39.28 o


1 set of 4 tickets (Mar 15, Sunday 3:30pm)
If you would like to participate in the giveaway, please fulfill the following criteria:

1. You must be a fan of J Babies’ Dad facebook page. If you are not, you can like us here.
2. You must like and share this blog post on your Facebook wall with the comment, “To Laugh is to Live!” and tag Isaiah Kuan or J Babies’ Dad, so that I can track your participation.

Closing date of giveaway: Sun, 8 Mar 2015.

Do note that this giveaway is only open to local residents. The winner will be notified on collection tickets.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Family Time

Sometimes we don’t have to plan too much to have family bonding. Family time should be more spontaneous.

The key is when we think of our family, don’t let the thought linger and stay just in your mind. Do something about it.

A walk along the park to enjoy the sunset.

2015-02-16 21.34.19

Seriously, with all the stress all around us, the happiest moment for a parent would be to see my child totally enjoying the simple time of fun. I will never trade anything for this.

2015-02-16 18.19.24

Thanking God for the family He has given me.

2015-02-16 19.14.31

2015-02-16 19.28.31

Side note. Woodlands Waterfront really has a nice view during evening times.

2015-02-16 19.37.22

A simple post to document my fatherhood journey.

2015-02-16 19.07.27

Monday, February 16, 2015

Osaka Autumn Trip - Red Leaves

This will be the final post for my maiden solo trip. Slightly more than 2 months after this trip, I will occasionally look back and recall the amazing experience. Truly like the Chinese proverbs, 读万卷书不如行万里路 (traveling is better than just reading), this Oscar trip will always stay as a special period in my life.

Besides the purpose of experiencing a solo trip, the other main purpose to visit Oscar at that period was for the Red Leaves/ Autumn Leaves. Staying in a ‘one-season’ country like Singapore, to experience Autumn is a luxury. And having done my homework, the most visited place in Oscar for the autumn leaves is Osaka Castle, and the best nature venue to witness the beautiful season has to be Minoo Park, a forested valley on the outskirts of Osaka.

So this is what I saw. Enjoy.

Osaka streets

TL7C5266 TL7C5495

TL7C5497 TL7C5498

Osaka Castle





TL7C5533 TL7C5535





Minoo Park


TL7C5382 TL7C5383












TL7C5430 TL7C5435




TL7C5451 TL7C5453




TL7C5470 TL7C5475


So happy to be able to share my travels with all of you. Hope you have a good time reading or just scrolling through the photos.