Friday, October 31, 2014

Singapore Restaurant Week - Museo Restaurant & Bar Room

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Initially I thought I knew about most of the “makan” deals in Singapore, until I heard about Singapore Restaurant Week and it’s already the 9th edition this year. I longer dare to refer myself to a foodie. Maybe I’m just a “tamchiak” guy.

And as an Amex Platinum Credit Card member, I had the benefit of making my reservation aka priority booking slots before the general public.
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Museo Restaurant & Bar Room @ Sentosa Cove


The restaurant is popular for it’s Art Jam, where diners are given a canvas, unlimited acrylic paint, brushes and other equipment. You will be allowed to go wild in your imagination and be Picasso for a day.

DSC_3249 DSC_3248 DSC_3251

DSC_3253 DSC_3254

Even the plates are so artistic.


But Singapore Restaurant Week is not about the Art but about the Food. So here it goes.


First Course – Starters
Three Musicians (Soft Shell Crab) & Picasso’s Blues (Deep Fried Prawns)

DSC_3260 DSC_3262

Second Course – Entrees
Chicken Roulade


Pan Roasted Tenderloin of Beef



Third Course – Desserts
Caramelized Banana Custard & Vodka Chocolate Lave Cake

DSC_3275 DSC_3278

Lunch (S$25/pax) or Dinner (S$35/pax). Don’t just read be tempted. Book now at the participating outlets and have a great Singapore Restaurant Week!

We ended the perfect afternoon with this amazing Pomelo Tea. Refreshing!


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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sentosa Spooky Jr. @ POLW

Always thankful for the kind souls (PR friends) of Sentosa, to invite us for some of the most interesting events. And last weekend, the girls attended the Heroes & Heroines Unite at Spooky Jr. Calling all fearless, adventurous and powerful superheroes to save the State of Fun at The Port of Lost Wonder.

Book your tickets for Nov 1, Saturday and prepare to have a heroic time!


The kids will be guided by an activity sheet on how to enjoy and fight the monster invasion at the same time.


IMG_4373 IMG_4375

The fun of having a party like this is to have costume dress up! But sad to say, usually the “ang mohs” are more sporting.


Nonetheless, the two excited girls had a photo opportunity with the heroes! Actually before that, all of us were mistaken and thought that the 2 gentlemen were part of the mascot for the event, there was even a queue to take photos with them. Turned out to be they were just guests attending the fun too! So nice of them!


Checking on the activities to plan out the route and time so that none will be missed. Also that we may enjoy as much as possible at stations not so crowded.


Tricky Maze – comb your way through the spider webs and fight lurking monsters around the corners.


IMG_4383 IMG_4384

The girls made it. Even adults can play this though the space may be slightly challenging for the “bigger” adults.

IMG_4385 IMG_4389

Then we headed over to the next station, the Heroes Captured. Aiyah, our heroine tried to show a bit of skin.


Eventually it was power that defeated the monsters! Hahaha!

IMG_4392 IMG_4395

Personally I really like The Port of Lost Wonder, because the place is spacious and also there are this interesting stations where it’s both fun and educational. I mean if I am still a child, I would be find learning so interesting and fun.


IMG_4399 IMG_4400

At the Power Up station, the girls can try to concoct their own drinks.

IMG_4402 IMG_4404

IMG_4406 IMG_4408

Final verdict – Cheers! It’s a success! Totally love the smiles on their faces for accomplishing something fun. #prouddaddy


Many times we passed by the most enticing station in the place, and the girls had to walk away with lingering eyes.


After the Power Up drink, the  girls are ready for more monsters fighting. On to the next fun station – Slime Fight! The rules were simple, just aim and shoot at the holes (eyes, noses, foreheads) of the monster and stop them.

IMG_4417 IMG_4420

Refill and go again!

IMG_4419 IMG_4418

To bring the shooting to another level or to bring Daddy’s jealousy to the next level, the girls had their chance on archery. Look at how good their pose were. I want to try too!!



And before the night ends, the girls had their treats! Sweets!



IMG_4446 IMG_4447

And Foam Party!!



It was a long night but both girls were full of energy and wanted more, but sad to say, everything has a goodbye, and till next time again.