Monday, March 11, 2013

My Daughter Reads My Blog

How cool is that? When I started this blog to write something about my 2 daughters, I was hoping one day they will start to read about it. Then it would be like an open letter from a Dad to his Daughters. But ever since Joey, now 7 years old, starts to read my blog posts, the “cool” factor has diminished greatly and in comes the “fear” factor.

Why do I say that? Here are 3 reasons to support my case.

(1) She corrects my writing manner.

We all know that some times when we write, there is a tinge of exaggeration. To stress a stronger feeling of frustration or despair or happiness, we may write like, “the food was so nice, I think I can go to heaven after tasting it”, or “the taxi driver was so rude, I almost smack him on the head”. At this point, my righteous daughter will pause on that line I wrote and turn to me with a puzzling look and commented, “Daddy, you didn’t go to heaven right? Why did you say you can go to heaven?” or “Daddy, you didn’t hit the driver right? Why you write it this way?”

Speechless.. I can only explain, Papa is just joking. I feel like a cyber-criminal caught doing the wrong thing.

(2) She corrects my chronological sense.

Blogging is a very relaxed activity, mainly to jot down memories and share with friends. So I don’t really care much about how the event happen or the order of occurrence. But for a 7 years old girl, fact is fact. If you have watched the movie first then eat ice-cream, then it should be in that order.

Speechless again.. I can only explain, Papa is getting old and forgetful.

(3) She corrects my photos.

This is probably the most humbling of all three reasons. I choose to think that the photos I post on my blog are quite good, at least I try not to post any blurry images. But my daughter has some other ideas about how a photo should be presented. She would occasionally point out that the angle of my shoot is not nice, the facial expression is not right, the place is not nice, the background is too dark, etc etc..

Totally speechless!! I can only ask for forgiveness and tell her I will improve on my photography skills. Then she will turn back to the post and nod with approval.

Tell me you don’t feel sorry for me.. =p


  1. Oh!~ My kids yet to know how to read my blogs...

    1. hahaha...enjoy this short period then.. but really its a complicated feeling lah... on one hand, I feel more connected to my daughter reading my posts, but then the comments are just hilarious to know how to reply her.. =)

  2. It is not easy to explain to 7-year of child bah.

    1. Yes... you totally said it! =)

    2. She will def brush up your creativity and skills in explaining to her.