Monday, March 18, 2013

Sentosa KidZ Flea Market - Part 1

I have always wanted to do a flea market event. Like the idea of setting up a stall and sell some stuff while having fun with friends for an afternoon. It was a dream came true when Lisa from Sentosa Media came knocking on the JBabies’ door and offered us a chance to set up a KidZ Flea Market!


This is a flea market for little Playtrepreneurs aged 7 to 12. The coolest part is that all Playtrepreneurs will be pledging 20% of their proceeds to Hospice Care Association!

Date: 23 March 2013 ~~ Venue: Sentosa ~~ Time: 2pm to 7pm

So don’t miss the chance to come and support us in Sentosa while doing good for the society.

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  1. I was at the Kid's Flea market yesterday... how come I didn't see you..

    1. Our turn is coming weekend on Mar 23. Come again and support us if you can =)