Monday, April 30, 2012

I Got Your Back

We usually take photos of our kids when they are smiling or looking at us.

“I got your back”, an expression assuring someone that you are watching out for them. Comes from making sure you are safe by watching what’s behind you when you’re busy looking ahead.


Just turn around and you will find me here, watching over you.


My sunshine girl, papa loves you!


Friday, April 27, 2012

Singapore Blog Awards 2012

Who would have imagine that writing a blog will become something so huge? To even have an award ceremony for outstanding / popular blogs.

Organised by, this is Singapore Blog Awards’ fifth year in the running. I was first introduced to this event in the year 2011 (last year), where I was invited to attend because my dear wife’s blog was a finalist in the “Best Family Blog” category.


It was a totally new experience, to see so many people who virtually presents their lives on the web social media and now become real in sight. Nonetheless, it was a great chance to meet new friends and put faces to names.

This year, I have decided to give it a try at the awards. Who knows? I may also be a finalist like my wife.. So what categories did I registered for?

1. Best Family Blog (To compete with my wife, purely a male ego thing)
Bloggers in the same category (Blogs I read)
Klessis Lee, Edmund Tay, Andy Lee, Dawn Lee, Kelvin Ang, Susan Koh, Sandra


2. Panasonic Eco Best Photography Blog (Why not? This could be an excuse to buy better camera gears if I win)
Bloggers in the same category (Blogs I read)
Photoblog HK, Calvin Timothy Leong, Ai Sakura


3. Best Travel Blog (Self-proclaim, in hope that someone someday will sponsor me for a trip)
Bloggers in the same category (Blogs I read)
Kelvin Ang, William Tan, Silver Ang, Darren Ang


So there you have it! I am officially running for the best blogger in the Kuan Family. Chances are 50-50. Support me if you are a man! Support me if you are a husband! Support me no matter what!

If you are still not convinced, check out Singapore Blog Awards 2012 website or FB. You can either register your own blog or nominate someone you know, closing date is May 6. You can also join the league and win the grand prize of a 4D3N Macau Trip and many more prizes if you vote online for your favourite bloggers (that’s me, becos you are reading my blog right now).

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Port Of Lost Wonder

Looking for a new place to bring your kids. Look no further, check out the latest attraction in Sentosa, Singapore’s first kids’ club by the beach – Port of Lost Wonder.


It’s officially opened on Apr 14 and the Kuan Family were there to try it out first hand.



The weather was gorgeous for a day out at Sentosa. The girls were all ready for the fun ahead with their curio coins. You can use the coins to join some of fun activities inside.


The main attraction in POLW; any kids can spend all day just running around the slides and soaking in the fun.



For a moment I lost sight of this little girl, to find her again hiding and enjoying her cool dip just beside the pirate ship. Cute.


Can we stay a bit longer? Please…





Besides the water play area, there is a huge area for families to just sit around too.


Remember the curio coins? This is what it’s useful for. Bubble Party. 30 curio coins to play.



Joey totally enjoyed her first foam party. Her signature small eyes are always so cute.


I’m very sure we will be back again, with other friends..

Opening Hours:
10am – 6:30pm daily
Last admission is 4:30pm, water play area closes at 6pm
Restaurant opens 10am – 9pm (Sun – Thu) & 10am – 11pm (Fri – Sat)

Weekdays – $8.00 (50 curio coins)
Weekends & PHs – $15.00 (100 curio coins)
Membership – $90.00/annum (600 curio coins, unlimited admission, unlimited fun)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Back to 1982

This board had been with me since 1982. It’s one of the greatest present from my parents and accompanied us all these years, providing so much fun especially to my brother and me.

DSC_0588 (2)

What am I talking about?

This is game that lies somewhere between billiards and table shuffleboard. It’s also known to some as finger billiards, carrum, karum, karom, or best known to most as Carrom!


Can you see the 4 striker disc? It’s all handmade by my father, craved with his own name “Richard”. Cool right?



So this the famous board since 1982, which makes it the longest game still functioning well in the Kuan Family.


Now, it is the girls’ turn to take over the family heirloom. The first introduction to a brand new world of fun, I hope.


Jayne is still too young to master the skill of flicking the striker disc, so she improvised and did the push method.



It was great fun for the first-timers. Next up, we will bring back the fond memories together with my brother and father. Carrom family time! Rocks!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Joey’s Birthday Celebration In School

The first part of Joey’s 6th birthday celebration was at her Kindergarten @ Hope Community.

She has a special table just by herself, and her classmates took turn to come forward to take a photo with the birthday girl. Sorry, the boys were too active, none of the 3 pics I took were clear.


With the entire class and teachers-in-charge.


Whenever Joey is the centre of attraction, she will become slightly demure and shy. Why? I don’t understand too. Thankfully she has her little sister to accompany her.



Look at Joey’s shy look, I think she looks extremely cute at such times.



Everyone is eager to have cakes for refreshment. Usually they just have biscuits and milo. Can’t blame them for being excited.



I love how kids/ friends share a private moment together.


What was Jayne doing all this while? She was enjoying her cake and her privacy without the older kids disturbing her.


Happy Birthday Joey. We love you forever!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Crocs New You

Sponsored Review

Last week I was invited by to attend the Crocs VivoCity Fashion Show where the new campaign New Crocs New You was launched.


I’m quite sure the most happening place last Saturday has to be this place. Everyone who passed by the shop were drawn by the buzz that was happening in the store.


Never knew they sell bags, socks, laces in Crocs too.





For the kids.



For the gals.



For the guys.





One of the new collections for this launch. So CRoC!


This is the first time I attended a Fashion Show. Didn’t know what to expect, did my best to take a few shots.



Crocs also introduced a brand new Mix&Match Mobile App: iPhone App or Andriod App


The on-the-go mobile app allows you to snap a picture of your outfit, allows you to choose the focus colours and the matches the best pair of Crocs shoes to coordinate with what you are wearing. Try it!

More giveaways for all you Crocs lovers. A chance to win a makeover package valued at USD$8,000. Just go to the New Crocs New You website, and in 500 words or less, tell the world why you deserve the ultimate makeover. One finalist will be chosen from each participating country. Visit the website for more info.

Tried matching some shoes for myself.



This was my choice in the end! Thompson Lace Loafers!


I am officially a Crocs fan!