Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Romancing Kless

Riding on the shoulders of the latest initiative by NTUC U Family, Kless and I had a chance to leave the girls at home and spent a night around the beautiful Marina Bay Waterfront area.




Honestly, whenever such family/couple events were held, I started off with a sceptical attitude that the attendance will be low. I thought why would couples come out on a Saturday evening to mingle with the crowd? Isn’t it better to just stay at home or go out on a quiet date? I was so wrong and so pleasantly surprised that Singaporeans are not that ‘cold’ after all. We do know how to interact with one another and enjoy a big gathering like this. Claps for the organisers for staging this event and many more to come I believe.

DSC_9461 DSC_9467 DSC_9469

Especially love how this couple shared a moment to create something beautiful and special. Love the smile on the husband’s face.


Stage games and performances liven up the event, and gave many couples a chance to have some fun and opportunities to win some prizes.


Couples doing limbo rock and kiss at the same time. Challenging! Big claps for all the sporting couples!


Various booths were set up for more opportunities for everyone to just enjoy the evening and make it memorable. Like this photo booth set up by some professional photographers. Nice idea!


One of the special highlight of the evening was the mass dance session. Professional dancers getting ready to teach us the moves.

DSC_9478 DSC_9479 DSC_9483

And this is how we danced!


Just as I was thinking would any guy be brave enough to propose on such a day and in front of such a huge crowd, I was proven wrong by this super amazing guy. His courage and love has to be recorded as spectacular and wonderful. I’m sure the lady will be so blessed to marry such a man.

DSC_9492 DSC_9498 DSC_9502



Thank God for the excellent weather, we had a great and romantic time together.



Love to date this beautiful girl! Love you!

2014-04-19 20.36.06

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[Giveaway] 100 Ways To Appreciate Mum

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Here is what my dear girls say when posed the same question, “Why do you love your mother?”

Joey: Because she is very kind. When I am confused, she will give me advice.


Jayne: Because she is pretty.


Wishing all Mothers an advance Happy Mother’s Day and a healthy one too!

Monday, April 28, 2014

[Giveaway] SunMoon Fruit Cups

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Heard of the SunMoon Fruit Cups?

Never mind if you have not, that is the purpose of this post, to introduce the latest product by SunMoon Food Company Limited, who is a leading Asian brand emphasizing on providing quality fresh fruits, consumer products and food ingredients.

Each cup is filled with natural fruit chunks immersed in pure 100% apple juice, making it a perfect choice for healthy snack for all ages.

SunMoon_Fruit Cups

Available in 3 delicious variants – Peach, Mandarin Orange and Mixed Fruits. Each Fruit Cup contains:
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And because the Fruit Cups contains no added sugar and is rich in Vitamin C, it is also approved as a ‘Healthier Choice’ definitely suitable for children and the elderlies.


Where can you find these delicious Fruit Cups?
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Anything that comes with fresh apple juice and some of their favourite fruits is an immediate hit with the girls.


The portion is not too big to consume after a meal. But still the girls always request to have 2 portions.



Along with the delicious fruit cups, the girls tried the fruit crisps too.


DSC_9576 DSC_9578

I would say this is definitely a must bring out healthy snack for everyone. Lightly packed but great on taste and without knowing we just finished a few packs while talking. A great bring on a road trip.

DSC_9589 DSC_9593

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Family Outing @ Jurong Bird Park

During the Easter period, we brought the girls to the Jurong Bird Park, can almost see that skip in the 3 ladies.


Actually the girls were invited for a chance to go behind the scene to see how the staff prepare the feeding for the Lories.


Joey was so excited, she totally forgotten about us, right from the start she just followed the guide in red, asking thousands of questions about this bird and that. Why was the bird name like this? Why did they live in this region?


Lory Loft
Joey insisted on the photo, showing her half bitten biscuit in her mouth. Can you see? =)


Taking a path that was usually closed to public, we went down a narrow flight of stairs and went in to the feeding stations.


A short lesson on the different types of Lories and how to differentiate them.


The children had the opportunity to touch some of the specimens too. Lesson learnt – do not touch birds cos their beaks and claws are super sharp.

DSC_9249 DSC_9250

DSC_9251 DSC_9252

Next up, how to mix the food for the Lories. Honey + Water + Lory Dry (imported from Australia).

DSC_9258 DSC_9259 DSC_9263

The girls holding on to what they have personally prepared to feed the birds. Let’s go!


We found the “shy” Brown Lories, they tend to stay on the higher grounds.


A moment of “competition” between Joey and me. Whose feeding will the Lory pick? Papa 1-0 Daughter.

DSC_9282 DSC_9283

The beautiful Rainbow Lories are everywhere in this world’s largest Lory flight aviary.


Patience pays dividends. We saw the Black-Cap Lory too!


Last but not least in the aviary, is this pair of Eclectus Parrot. The green parrot is the male due to the need to fly out in the wild to look for food, thus the colour to help it camouflage in the trees. The red parrot is the female.


Leaving the Lory Loft, we took the tram back to the entrance and took on the Eggy Day Out event for the Easter season. The girls were each given a map and a box to walk around the park to look for clues and answers to specific birds.

DSC_9373 DSC_9375


First stop was the African Penguin station. These penguins came from Africa thus they do not need the cold climax.

DSC_9192 DSC_9194

So what was the task for the girls? Hold the ball with your legs and walk like penguins.

DSC_9382 DSC_9384 DSC_9387 DSC_9388

The Bird Park is relatively smaller than the Zoo, so it did not feel like we need to walk a lot before getting to another attraction within the park. Along the way, we were able to just stop and look at some of the collections, like this tiny little bird that was clinging onto the metal cage, probably thinking of how to get out.


Walked though a smelly habitat where the Scarlet Ibis were feeding. The fish smell was a bit too strong for me.



A loner who flew off on its own to enjoy the breakfast.


The good part about visiting the park early is the crowd is not as much and therefore, more time to stay at a certain place without disturbance to shoot some close up shots.

Like this Common Crowned Pigeon found at the Royal Ramble.



Another Egg Treasure Hunt stop is found near the Flamingo Pool which is home to the Chilean Flamingos and Caribbean Flamingos.


This shot was inspired while watching Running Man, can you see the 2 Flamingos in the middle? Can you see that they form a love shape?


The task here was to stand on one leg like the Flamingos for 30 seconds.

DSC_9426 DSC_9427 DSC_9429

Another weird looking bird – Cassowary (helmeted head). The Cassowary is the only flightless bird that is adapted to living in the rainforest. The casque on its head helps to push through the forest vegetation without getting hurt.


Ostrich, the only flightless bird with 2 claws.



Before we leave the park, we went to the Breeding & Research Centre (BRC), which is just besides the water playground.


This is definitely a place for educational purpose. Joey loves to just check out all the different boxes and drawers to find out what is interesting. She actually said she likes Science. Why not Maths like me? Oh well…

DSC_9443 DSC_9448

Another tiring weekend, but a fun and educational one.