Friday, July 26, 2013

Nickelodeon Slime Cup @ Downtown East

Sponsored by SingTel Mio TV, Nickelodeon announced the launch of their first Nickelodeon Slime Cup in Singapore and Southeast Asia, bringing their unique brand of fun for kids and families to promote family life.

Slime Cup

We were invited to join in the fun but sadly, we only managed to attend the event on the second day and missed out on certain highlights. But still the girls were more than happy to be involved in some actions. Goodie bags are always a winner with kids, especially those with their favourite TV cartoon characters.


The event was held over two days last weekend at D’Marquee @ Downtown East. This family event featured some sports-oriented games booths like, football, baseball & basketball, all weaved into simple but yet fun elements for the children.


I think Jayne can do well in football, can you see her well developed calves in the photos? Her poise was also good.

DSC_1917 DSC_1760

Joey  & Jayne took a swing at the baseball game booth. This is the first time I see a baseball game booth for the kids, and I have to say I am very impressed with the design of the booth. The slanting slope to enable the balls to row back and towards the middle. The air blowing out from a vent to hold up the ball for the kids to swing. Ingenious!



Jayne was slightly short for the bouncy basketball booth. She just climbed up on the side and tried to slam dunk. Cheeky but clever =)


Next up was the mini-obstacle course, Jayne gave up on trying, probably a wise decision too. But Joey zipped through the tyres’ obstacles so fast, I was only able to catch a photo of her right at the end of the course. Amazing!


The main highlight for both the girls was to meet their ‘idol’ in person. Both of them were so attentive to the instructions given on how to welcome the ‘guests’.

DSC_1819 DSC_1832

And they were duly rewarded when Spongebob and Patrick came out to meet their fans for a photo session. Even Kless was also dragged up to meet the cute characters from Bikini Bottoms.


There was a friendly 5-a-side futsal match for the inaugural Nickelodeon Slime Cup trophy (which we missed).


Photo credit: Viacom International Media Networks

Futsal 1

Special performances.

Futsal 2

And the familiar characters from Nickelodeon showcasing their futsal skills.


Cartoon 1 Cartoon 2

It was another fun day out for the girls. Though it was tiring, both girls slept soundly on the way home, as a father, all is worth it when you can see a smile on your child’s face and a simple ‘thank you’ after an event like this.


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