Monday, April 22, 2013

Play-Doh Plus - Sweet Shoppe Frosting Fun Bakery

Product Review


Play-Doh is not a new product for parents and kids. This time the iconic brand introduces a new compound which promises to take creative detailing to a whole new level. Play-Doh Plus, a soft, fluffy and smoother texture, it allows the creator to create an even more realistic masterpiece.

Thanks to Hasbro Singapore, we have the chance to put our hands on these new release. Play-Doh has and will always one of the girls’ favourite playset.

I told Jayne she can only play after taking her nap. The first thing she looked for after her nap was the playset, so pardon for the ‘just-woken-up’ look.


It took the experienced girls less than 5mins to open up the box and assemble everything. I didn’t even have the chance to take a photo of the unassembled playset pieces. They are Pro!



Introducing the star of the playset, the Play-Doh.


The pink and yellow are the Play-Doh Plus. It is indeed much softer and fluffier than the usual ones. Even Joey can state the difference when handling the different play-doh. In her own words, “This play-doh is easier to play with, it is not so sticky and easier to create the mould.”


The end products..


Tiny gingerbread man, flowers, teddy bear, heart-shaped cakes..


I did that yellow house shape thingy and the pink colour doughnut. Trying not to sound too girlish, but I was quite surprised I actually had fun making the pretend ‘cakes’.


Press it down, use some creativity and voila! You have a super cute cupcake with seashell icing. Done by both Joey and Jayne.

DSC_8995 DSC_8987

Personally, I am most impressed by the Frosting Station. You can choose from the 4 different moulds and create the icing effect.


Though the table is now a mess, but to see the happy faces of the 2 girls, I know the product has served it’s purpose.


That is not all! For all my readers, here is a chance for you to win a free Frosting Fun Bakery Playset!!
One lucky reader will be chosen to try our the new Play-Doh Plus! Just follow the instructions below.

Hasbro Play-Doh Giveaway (2 simple steps to win)
Step 1: Like
HASBRO SINGAPORE facebook page.
Step 2: Leave your email address and state a reason why you would like to win a set of the Frosting Fun Bakery Playset. You can either do it on this blogpost comment space or my
FB link.

Price: S$24.90
Available at Toys”R”Us and major department stores.

- The Frosting Fun Bakery playset lets you make delicious-looking pretend treats.
- Choose from the cake cutter shapes to stamp out different “cakes”.
- Make pretend frosting with the Frosting Station.
- Use the turntable to move your “cake” from the Cake Stamping Station to the Frosting Station.
- Includes 4 cans of Play-Doh modelling compound.
- 2 of the cans are Play-Doh Plus compound.


  1. I would like to win it because it will be fun for my son who dream about to become a chef one day.

  2. Would like to let my son have a first hand experience of this "softer and fluffier" play doh since his sweaty palm had deterred him from having fun with the conventional ones.


  3. I want to win this for my girl's birthday that's coming up in May! :)
    Sakuraharuka at live dot com

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. I hope to win this for my kids. They love to play with playdoh but had never tried playdoh playset with such fancy moulds and tools before.

  5. I would love to win this for my daughter so that she can create her baking creations with Playdoh while I bake some real cupcakes for us :)
    susan at ajugglingmom dot com

    PS: Thanks for taking part in my Bleagh giveaway too :)

  6. Will love to let Justin have a try on this new play doh playset... am sure he be thrilled!!

  7. Would love to win this for my 3yo nephew - he loves playdoh!


  8. my kids love making cupcakes so they will definitely like this!


    My girl, Alice, loves playing with bakery or kitchen related set, so far i have not let her play with any play doh before, so she would definitely will love this set! :D