Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Jigsaw Puzzle

One thing Joey had inherited from me is this love for puzzles. Since young she has been fixing lots of different jigsaw puzzles. So on her 7th birthday when she requested for a Princess puzzle, I rushed over to the store and bought a 300 piece puzzle for her. You can sense the excitement from the Daddy as well right? =)



Have to say jigsaw puzzle is not a cheap activity. The puzzle and frame set me back about $80. But I choose not to put a price on precious bonding time with my children.


Setting out the frame pieces is the first and most important step in any jigsaw puzzle solving process.

DSC_8921 DSC_8922

Once that is done, we are ready to start.


Seriously, I am totally in love with the immersed look when either Joey or Jayne has when they are engrossed in some activities.




In no time, the frame is done! With it, nothing much can go wrong now, as long as we have all the pieces, we will eventually finish the puzzle.


Along the way, I got the chance to teach Joey the importance of concentration as she tends to move from one “princess” character to another without completing it first. It will be frustrating for her when she can’t seems to be heading anywhere.


When my mother is back, she contributed too.


And when Jayne woke up from her nap, we have the entire family completing the final part of the 300 piece jigsaw puzzle.


In about 2 hours, the puzzle was completed! What a feat! Initially we thought we won’t finish in a day. The power of family unity!


Add on the white wooden frame, Joey’s first big jigsaw puzzle is done.



Maybe we can try a 500 piece puzzle in future!

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