Friday, September 28, 2012

Joey Gets A New Pair Of Glasses

Teaser Post

Thanks to Nanyang Optical, Joey will get a free eye check and a sponsored pair of glasses.

Joey with her current glasses. Pink frame with normal lenses. But come October, she will be wearing a new pair of Eyelet Junior frame with Zeiss MyoVision lenses.
How cool!


A glimpse of the frames Joey will be able to choose from - Eyelet Junior. Which frame will Joey choose?

JT8 01(black) 44-17_HR

JT8 13 44-17_HR

JT9 01(red) 45-17_HR

JT10 11 44-17_HR

JT11 11(blue) 45-17_HR

And if you have a child who is wearing glasses too, don’t forget to check my post about the eye check and the benefits of Joey’s new glasses.

Because you will have a chance to win some vouchers.

Read the post on Oct 5 (Fri) to find out more.

Here are some upcoming promotions for Eyelet Jr at all Nanyang Optical outlets.
*Eyelet Jr + MyoVision Lenses + FREE $20 Popular Vouchers *= $338 (1.5
lenses)/$438 (1.6 lenses)
*_Extra Perks for NTUC Link Members:_*

With purchase of above special package, receive a pair of kids' branded
sunglasses worth $138 FREE!
*Barbie, Hot Wheels, Transformers, Titeus. Limited to 1st 100 pairs.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Work Zero With My Colleagues

During the F1 week, some of our colleagues went out together for a day of fun away from work. Thus the name “Work Zero”. No discussion of work, no mention of deadlines.

Not wanting to spend more than usual, we chose to go nature instead of the usual movie-going or restaurant-feasting. We did FISHING at Bedok Jetty!!


What you see is just about half the group who braved the heat just in hope to catch some fish.



End up we only had this to show.


The rest excused themselves from the heat and proceeded to prepare the BBQ for us. Look at their cool pose with plastic bags.


We were totally self-sustaining, we brought along disposable BBQ tray, foldable table and chairs. Can you see Allen, the guy in-charge of BBQ-ing for everyone? I jokingly told him he looked like those preparing to burn joss sticks at some “spirit-tree”.



But the simple food turned out to be exceptionally good! Proved that it’s not the equipment that matters, it’s the heart in doing it.


After fishing and lunch, next thing to do in ECP has to be Cycling!


A group photo at Starbucks.


It was a great time hanging out with my boss and colleagues. It was a rare chance to see some of our colleagues letting their hair down and enjoyed an afternoon of fun and sweat. Looking forward to our next Work Zero!

Most photos are credited to my colleagues who took from their iPhones and Samsung S3.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Malay Heritage Centre

If you are looking to understand the Malay culture or their history better, then the newly reopened Malay Heritage Centre is exactly where you would want to go.


Situated amidst the Istana Kampong Gelam, Gedung Kuning and the surrounding Kampong Gelam precinct, the Centre acts as a vital heritage institution for the Malay community in Singapore.


The history of Istana Kampong Gelam – 1957 & 1990. You can see the main building has been intact since then but the surrounding has definitely changed a lot.



Inside the museum there are 6 permanent galleries spread over 2 levels of the Malay Heritage Centre. These galleries showcased stories and artefacts from both Singapore’s national collection as well as contributions from the community.








The first President of the Republic of Singapore, Mr Yusof bin Ishak. Mr Yusof moved from Perak to Singapore in 1923 and attended both Victoria Bridge School and Raffles Institution where he was the only Malay to be admitted to the Queen’s Scholarship class. Mr Yusof’s wife, Puan Noor Aishah, also dedicated herself to social work as the First Lady of Singapore and served as the patron of numerous schools, awards and organizations such as the Red Cross and Girl Guides.


Outside the museum, you are able to find some interesting items. Toys that have been entertaining us for decades, like marbles, chaptek, five stones and congkak.





From now till end of September 2012, the Malay Heritage Centre Museum is open to public for free, all you need is just to register at the Visitor Services Centre and obtain your pass. After this month, admission is charged at $4 per adult, $2 per student and $3 per senior citizen. Galleries open from 10 am to 6pm.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sandy Treasure @ Sentosa

Open till Sep 30 (Sunday), this is an art work by the awards winning sand-sculptor, Joo Heng Tan. A showcase of the transformation of Sentosa over the past 40 years, in conjunction of Sentosa 40th Anniversary.

Joo Heng has been working with sand sculpting for more than 10 years. With the assistance of both Helena & Katsuhiko from Netherlands & Japan respectively, the sand sculptures depicts different stories.

“The Evolution of Sentosa”





“Transformation of the Sentosa Logo”


“Loving Singapore, Our Home”
This artwork depicts a family building sandcastle, working together to create something using different elements. This symbolizes Singaporeans trust, love and unity for their country and the passion and effort put into building a home here on this little red dot.


Joey was very excited to pose like a true tourist.






Have you found the common thread in all her poses? Peace!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Staycation - Nearcation - Vacation

Staycation is a neologism for a period in which an individual or family stays and relaxes at home, possibly taking day trips to area attractions. Another closely related concept or term is nearcation, which is taking a vacation to a location relatively close to home.

Basically this is just another term for vacation but not going overseas. My dear wife really loves the idea of staying out for the night, even contemplating to organize a camping trip at East Coast Park. Much to my objections, so far we have been able to skim that idea. But when she suggested Sentosa, I know my days are limited. I have to relent sooner or later. So we booked for a night at Sentosa Costa Sands Hut. It was a 50% discount at $40 per night.


It used to be really a hut with palm tree leaves covering the roof and just a small fan with 2 small beds. Now, it’s air-conditioned with 2 double-decked beds. If you notice, the sheets are done by me. Army-style!


Right outside our hut was this relaxing peacock. Probably it was the weather, he must be enjoying the slight breeze and not distracted by us so excited squatting around it.



The weather was not for us, it was drizzling the entire afternoon right till evening. But still we managed to walk out for dinner and enjoy a rare evening along Siloso Beach. Missed the days I played beach volleyball with friends, so good to be youthful.


It was the first time I stepped into the Wavehouse and I realised that it is super cool if you know how to surf. This young guy captivated everyone’s attention for all the time he was on the waves.



We were actually planning to visit USS, Kless heard that the entry after 6pm was only $6 per adult. But I think the info was incorrect, we ended up just looking into the theme park from outside hoping to catch some parade actions.


But the girls taught me a valuable lesson, be content at all times. Even though the evening didn’t go as planned, they were still very entertained (self-entertained) by just the simple things like playing catching, splashing water, picking stones off the ground.





Sentosa is truly an island of fun and play, but only while there is light. Once night approaches, we can only retreat back to our hut (without TV or internet), truly a getaway I am not too used to. Finally we had a holiday where we slept at 8pm.