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[Giveaway] Wild Barley

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Eating healthy is no longer just a culture outside of home.

Wild Barley Singapore provides a whole range of healthy, organic, and natural food, free from chemicals and artificial additives and preservatives. Conveniently, at a click’s away.

wild barley

To live well, you have to eat healthy and well. In the wisdom of ages, good health is not the absence of disease, but the daily healthy lifestyle, and healthy mental attitude.

The team at Wild Barley is founded with a simple mission in mind; to source and provide the community with healthier choices to everyday foods. Even comfort food items like pasta sauces, juices, ice cream, snacks etc, are carefully sourced from all over the world. The team at Wild Barley guarantees that they will personally conduct a taste test before putting any of their products on the shelves.

A personalised basket of goodies from the nice people of Wild Barley.

2017-01-23 16.52.50

Diferente Aromatic Sparkling Cuvee
This is an alcohol-free premium drink. A great tasting extra-dry cuvee, reminiscent of fresh applesauce, ripe pear and crust aromas, perfect when tasted with sweet and salted dishes, either alone or mixed in a fruity aperitif.
Best served in a large tumbler filled with ice cubes and a few mint leaves, and a whole group of friends!

Natipuri Apricot Juice
40% apricot juice. With apple juice from concentrate, water, lemon juice from concentrate. Organic ingredients. Certified Bio

Ki Mixed Berries Jam
65% berries in varying proportions (raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, currants). With concentrated apple puree, concentrated apple juice. Organic ingredients. Certified Bio

2017-01-23 16.53.40

Cello Whisps Parmesan Cheese Crisps
A pure cheese snack made by Cello, an artisan cheesemaker themselves. The unforgettable flavor comes from their very own Wisconsin cheeses. Each wheel is aged and individually selected at the peak of its flavor to make the Whisps Crisps.

2017-01-23 16.54.13


Wild Barley Dried Lotus Seed
In house brand of dried lotus seeds. Made with 100% natural, dried lotus seeds with no artificial flavorings and preservatives. Nuts are sourced from Vietnam.
Warning! These are super addictive! I can’t stop munching on these nuts once I have started. I personally recommend eating this with some of the sparkling cuvee. Nice!

2017-01-23 16.54.47

Three Twins Bittersweet Chocolate & Three Twins Lemon Cookie
Bittersweet Chocolate has an abundance of organic cocoa, which makes it darker than most chocolate ice creams, and it also adds an incredibly rich flavor and texture.
All the ice cream flavors are made with combined organic ingredients, milk and cream with sugar and eggs to make the ice cream base.

Liquid Gold
100% natural honeycomb straight from the beehive unprocessed. Giving you all the pure goodness as nature created it.

2017-01-23 16.55.17

3-Elephants Thai Organic 3 Color Brown Rice
100% whole kernel Thai organic mixed brown rice. Free from chemical fertilizers, free from chemical pesticides and herbicides. Free from additives, coloring and preservatives. No soaking required when cooking.
My children has been eating brown rice for a few years now, so they are not unfamiliar with it. But this 3 color brown rice (Black Rice + Brown Rice + Hom Mali brown rice) is slightly different from the ones we usually buy from the supermarket. Harder in texture but taste great. Since I am a lover of “hard-texture” rice, this suits me perfectly. But the girls, we added a small portion of white rice to soften the bite.
Did you know? Black rice has lower calories and a better source of fibre compared to brown rice?

2017-01-25 01.10.00

Ki Shelled & Roasted Hazelnuts
High fibre, contains at least 6g / 100g of fibres or at least 3g / 100kcal of fibres.

2017-01-25 23.43.30

Sign up as a member of Wild Barley (membership is free), and enjoy a 10% voucher (redeemable through Promo Code). And as members, you will also get to enjoy discounts or free delivery through Promo Codes which Wild Barley will send out to members monthly.


I am giving away 3 hampers (worth $70 each) to 3 winners!
Follow the instructions below and stand a chance to win some of the mentioned goodies for your family.
The giveaway will run from today till 23 Feb 2017, 10pm. All the best!

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