Monday, May 18, 2015

Cold Run on a Hot Day

We finally did a family run together. Thanks to the Cold Storage Kids Run, all four of us had a chance to participate in the run on a super sunny day. We were in fact all sweating before the run.

2015-05-17 08.27.26

Jayne took part in the Merry Berry category and Joey in the Happy Grapes group, accompanied by me and Kless respectively.


Despite the hot weather, there were a lot of families out at Gardens by the Bay, enjoying the event and some other fun activities. It is just such a joy to see some more families out on a Sunday morning doing family workout.


DSC_4184 DSC_4187

Too bad we didn’t have the chance to queue up for the icy cold milo, maybe for such a crowd size, the organizers could have indented more milo trucks.


Some photos before we go through the run (actually it is only 800m run).


DSC_4202 DSC_4203 DSC_4205 DSC_4206 DSC_4208

The starting point with the iconic MBS as background was so beautiful.

DSC_4193 DSC_4194


IMG_9465 IMG_9469

Jayne is natural runner, first time running in a proper race and she did quite well. Because of her smaller frame, she was trying to squeeze through the different people who were around her. And she didn’t stop to walk at all for the entire 800m run. So proud of her!

2015-05-17 08.49.06 2015-05-17 08.49.07

Joey ran slightly slowly, probably because her starting time was an hour later and the sun was not too kind then.. But still she managed to complete the run with the ever fit mummy by her side.

DSC_4219 DSC_4224

Winning pose!

DSC_4225 DSC_4227 DSC_4228

Love to see the sweaty cute face.

DSC_4210 DSC_4214

Some small incentives as media bloggers, we had the chance to rest in the VIP tentage with fan and cold drinks. But it didn’t take long for Jayne to start exercising again. This time it’s her favourite activity, dancing.

DSC_4237 DSC_4240 DSC_4242 DSC_4246 DSC_4248

After rescuing some energy in the shade, the girls were all ready to brave the heat and went for the carnival.

DSC_4259 DSC_4270

DSC_4271 DSC_4273 DSC_4276

Love it when Joey helps Jayne to complete something. Here she guided Jayne to throw the ball and after 3-4 times, Jayne finally scored a point. And the sisters scored full marks for sisterhood!

DSC_4280 DSC_4284

Bowling – Joey hit a strike. Wow!


No carnival is complete without the bouncy castle.

DSC_4287 DSC_4291

Looking forward to the next run we can participate as a family. Maybe one where all four of us can run together.