Friday, November 15, 2013

De Hygienique [Review]

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As working parents, weekends are usually the only time to do household cleaning. However it is extremely hard for us to really maintain a very clean (free of bacteria and allergens) environment. The only time we can have a thorough clean up is probably during CNY. So when De Hygienique came knocking for a chance to help us do a sponsored cleaning and sanitizing, it was like prayers answered!

Who or what is De Hygienique?
De Hygienique specialises in cleaning and sanitizing of mattress, carpet/rug and upholsteries. De Hygienique is the first professional cleaning service in Singapore to introduce soft furnishing cleaning treatment using 100% dry, or low moisture, and chemical safe cleaning technologies from Europe. Unlike conventional cleaning methods, their treatments do not use water and harsh chemical solutions so your cleansed furnishings can be used immediately after treatment is completed. Though no water and “soap” is used, the cleaning systems used have proved to produce excellent cleaning results.

As the cleaning treatments are chemical safe and aim to eliminate bacteria and allergens, De Hygienique’s services are highly preferred by families with young and elderlies especially those with chronic illnesses like allergies.

Sofa Cleaning
This service is not only needed when there are stains on the upholstery set, regular maintenance is good to ensure dust and dirt particles accumulated within the sofa are removed and fabric is refreshed.


Firstly, the sofa was given a vacuum to get rid of the dust and dirt particles. Then the fabric portion will be thoroughly cleaned using low moisture shampoo. The shampoo will encapsulate dirt particles trapped in the upholstery into fine crystals which would then be removed at the end of the cleaning treatment.

DSC_5028 DSC_5055


Mattress Cleaning
Same like the upholsteries, it is advisable that we clean our mattresses regularly to rid off the dust and dirt particles. The fact that we spent 1/3 of our day on our mattresses, probably that is a good advise.


This is the machine used for the mattress cleaning. The Manager did a demonstration and I cannot believe how much dirt was extracted in just a small area of the mattress.


DSC_4995 DSC_5051

The white particles are the dust mites.. Yucks!


After all the cleaning and sanitization, our mattresses and pillows are clean again.


Here are three reasons why I would recommend De Hygienique
(1) Excellent customer service
3 days prior to the schedule date, there was a sms to remind us of the appointment. And the cleaning team were right on time. That was excellent service, cos my previous encounters with other cleaning services were late or if not, they will just appear early without notice.
(2) Clear and knowledgeable explanations
The Manager in-charge (it was a team of 3), gave very clear demonstration and explanation on what his team will be doing and accomplishing within the short hour or so. Before the team goes on to a new step of cleaning, he will ensure that it was explained clearly and the customer understood. Good knowledge of the products his team is using too.
(3) Friendly and good inter-personal skills
This is purely my personal preference. I like services whereby the person-in-charge is able to engage in a friendly conversation. Not over talkative but confident to share his work experiences. Also going the extra mile, like vacuuming my floor when all the cleaning was done.

Special for all my readers:
10% discount on De Hygienique's cleaning services!  To enjoy the promotion, appointment bookings must be made by 30th November 2013.  Please inform their Customer Service when booking the appointment that you got to know about De Hygienique through our blog.

Company: De Hygienique (Asia) Pte Ltd
Address: 53 Ubi Avenue 1 #03-44 Paya Ubi Industrial Park Singapore 408934
Sales email:
Phone Number: +65 6749 1950
Fax: +65 6749 1179

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