Saturday, November 16, 2013

Philips Hue - Personal Wireless Lighting

Invited by Philips to be one of the first few in Singapore to witness the world’s smartest LED bulb – Philips hue. What a surprise to see how much the home lighting era has evolved for the past few years. Totally blown away by the simple presentation and demonstration by the Philips team and special guest speakers.


The event was held at The Arts House Gallery and what an apt place to host the guests. The feel of being at the Arts Centre brought forth another level of ‘artistic’ feel to lighting available for home like ours (HDB).


Philips hue allows us to create and control our home lighting directly from our iOS or Andriod devices.


   - The app works on any devices running iOS 4.3 or later, or Android 2.3 or later
   - Allows you to easily control the color and brightness of your hue lamps
   - Base your light creation on photos or expert light recipes
   - Save your favourite settings as scenes for easy recall and even add timers for easy automation
   - Customized pages with a name and background to relate to a specific room

Even when you are not at home or overseas, you are still able to control your home lighting via the website


- Provides a persistent online presence which the bridges, apps and users can connect to
- Keeps the system future-proof through firmware updates
- Control your home lighting from anywhere with remote access
- Monitor your lights from anywhere
- Share your favourite scenes with the hue community
- Get inspired by other people’s scenes and use them in your home
- Develop your own app for hue with SDK and developer program

It just takes 3 simple steps to install the Philips hue.
Step 1 – screw in the bulbs
Step 2 – connect the hue bridge to your router with the provided LAN cable
Step 3 – install the Philips hue app and you are ready for a whole new home lighting experience

With the connectivity of the bulbs to the Internet services via smartphone or tablet, meaning the bulbs can act as indicators for weather, stock quotes, sports scores, email, social media and more. They can be set to behave in any way you choose. For example, to change color if it is going to rain; to blink if you receive an urgent email; illuminate gradually as the sun sets; or even flash in your sports team’s colors when they score. All these are made possible through Internet automating service, IFTTT (If This Then That), meaning your home lighting can now be connect to the world in innumerable, exciting new ways.


Set different lighting scenes at home to enhance the ambience.
For the kids’ room, dining room, bar table or reading corner.



CIMG0039  CIMG0037

Philips hue will be available for online orders at
Retail sales at Apple Premium Resellers and Philips branded stores from 11 December.

Product Information

The Philips hue introduction pack includes:

Introduction Pack

- 3 hue light bulbs of 600 lumen (50Watt equivalent)
- Each hue light bulb covers all shades of white, from warm white light to cool white light, and a wide variety of colors. Each hue light bulb uses 80% less power than a traditional light bulb
- A hue bridge to easily set up your lighting network, with a power supply and a LAN cable to connect to your router
- Note: the hue introduction pack can be enlarged with up to 50 individual hue blubs
- S$319 (including GST)

The Philips hue bulb individual pack includes:

Individual Pack

- 1 hue light bulb of 600 lumen
- Note: the individual hue bulb is an extension of the hue introduction pack; you need the hue introduction pack and its hue bridge to operate this individual hue bulb
- You can connect 50 hue individual bulbs to the hue bridge
- S$89 (including GST)

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