Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Pilates For Family

School holiday is here! Looking for activities to entertain your family? What about a Family Workout?

A Family that plays together, stays together!

Pilates Inc., a part of The Moving Body Group offers various types of exercise programs that is friendly for all ages. Pilates is a movement method that emphasizes the importance of moving from the deep muscles of the body. The concepts of breath, stability and alignment are taught to help one improve core strength, flexibility and posture.

We were invited to try out a session with Instructor Kelvin at Pilates Inc. We reached earlier than the appointment time and had some time to do some stretches ourselves (I mean the girls did their stretching, I took photos).

DSC_5293 DSC_5294 DSC_5298

I think Joey is very interested in learning gymnastics.



DSC_5305 DSC_5308

There are quite a bit of different equipment we usually don’t see in a usual gym. Actually all these reminds me a bit of chiropractic sessions.


DSC_5285 DSC_5286


We were served water with lemon-slices and apples.


Finally Instructor Kelvin arrived and our torture pilates session started. He started off by explaining to us some basic understandings of how our bones are aligned and functions. Can you see why I am seated so straight up? Feeling guilty of not being a good example for my girls =p

IMG_2334 IMG_2337 IMG_2339

After the easy part, we were put through the exercises. First up, learning how to balance the correct way, in between the 2nd & 3rd toes and also expanding our stomach area to activate the core muscles while balancing.

IMG_2351 IMG_2362

Since pilates is a form of strengthening our core muscles, the following exercises are just the perfect way to do so. Joey sat on my stomach area to enhance the experience of using my core muscles. For the girls, using a soft gym ball will have the same effect.
Caution! Don’t try any of the exercises at home without the right instructions from the experts. It may seems easy but not doing it the right way will have more harm than benefits.

IMG_2371 IMG_2380 IMG_2385

Planking! Buttocks down and belly button up. Hold for as long as you can. This is a killer exercise.


Since I am the only guy, most of the exercises I was ‘volunteered’ to be the demonstrator. Siong ah!


Stretching and more punching moves after the entire session.

IMG_2441 IMG_2453

Thanks to Kelvin and Pilates Inc., we had a great time exercising together as a family and I love it! Hopefully this will encourage the girls to exercise with me more in future.


If you are interested to know more about the Pilates sessions, check it out at their website. Or just join the giveaway on Klessis’ blog.

On top of the giveaway, all readers can receive a 10% discount if you mention ‘JBabies’ when you sign up for the School’s Out Package.

Pilates Inc.
46 East Coast Road, Eastgate, #06-05, Singapore 428766 (T: 6345 7166)
82 Amoy Street, Level 1, Singapore 069901 (T: 6423 1196)

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