Friday, December 3, 2010

No. 3?

I’m going to tackle the big question today. Are we going to have a 3rd child? Maybe a boy?
Aren’t Joey and Joey cute enough?



When you are single.
”When are you getting married?”

After you are married.
”When are you having a child?”

After the 1st kid.
”When are you having the 2nd child?”

After having the 2nd child.
”When is the 3rd coming?”

Will these ever stop? How many children is considered enough? How about 8? Hahahaha….


So let me break it down for you why the Kuan family is hesitant to have a 3rd child.

Now I carry Joey and Kless carries Jayne. If we have a 3rd child, who will carry? Which means we will need to employ a maid, to take care of the kids, especially when we need to work late. MORE $$$

Now we are staying in a 4-room flat, just enough for 2 kids and my parents staying with me. With a maid, a bigger flat is needed. MORE $$$

Now in my Civic, it’s just nice to have 2 kids and Kless sitting behind and occasionally my mother sitting in front. With a maid, I probably need a MPV. MORE $$$

A 3rd kid, will no doubt bring more joy, but will also bring more cost. With our current earnings being pretty stable and not going to be increased a lot in the coming years, I think it will be better to hold the plan for a while.


  1. haha Isaiah, don't think so much... Just go for it! ;)

  2. huh?? if i dun think more, Kless will kill me de lor.. she even more against the idea of no.3 at this moment..let all of you catch up first la.. =)

  3. haha....when i first read the header, i tot you are going to say why no3 is good... Kekekkeeke....

    ya... actually 2 is a good for now la, esp with the increasing cost of living and cost of raising a kid in sg. having no.3 is def a challenge. But then again, the more the merrier!! Just like the photo!! (phophetic?? Kekekke)

  4. erm.. why does everyone think that having #3 means *must* have maid? we don't have one... and we're doing fine. :D

  5. kris, thanks for the prophetic word, but i reject it...i will go mad with so many kids...

  6. frond, you are right! i personally dont believe having more kids will surely need a fact i am one who will prefer to not have one..but to lighten my wife's burden, i will consider.. =)