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NDP Theme Songs - 1984 to 2013

One of the annual hype of NDP is the NDP Theme Song. This year marks our Nation’s 48th birthday and the theme is “Many Stories… One Singapore”. The theme is selected to show the unity of all Singaporeans to celebrate what makes us Singapore.


With the theme in mind, this year’s NDP Theme Song, “One Singapore” brings us through some of the hopes and dreams of different Singaporeans, and showcases the dynamic and distinct natures of our people. This is reflective of the Sing A Nation choir, which is made up of ordinary Singaporeans from diverse backgrounds with different dreams.

One Singapore

NDP 2013 Theme Song - One Singapore
Music by: Elaine Chan
Lyrics by: Selena Tan
Performed by: Sing A Nation Choir
Directed by: Jason Joseph

First impression of the song: Not a very catchy tune, in fact personally I think it is very high school musical style (maybe my girls will love it). Some of my friends even commented that it was slightly childish. I think the important thing is to continue to encourage local musicians, song-writers, composers to do what they are doing and give them due credit. It will never be possible to write a song that pleases everyone, even a small nation like ours.

Having said all, IMHO, the older NDP songs are more heartfelt and easier to remember. Maybe I am getting too old for this year’s song.

For comparison sake, I have pasted the previous years’ NDP theme songs for your viewing pleasure.

NDP 2012 Theme Song - Love At First Light
Music by: Iskandar Ismail
Lyrics by: Paul Tan
Performed by: Olivia Ong, Natanya Tan
Directed by: Aaron Tan Mien Shawn

Love At First Light

NDP 2011 Theme Song - In A Heartbeat
Music by: Goh Kheng Long
Lyrics by: Haresh Sharma
Performed by: Sylvia Ratonel
Directed by: Brian Gothong Tan

In A Heartbeat

NDP 2010 Theme Song – Song For Singapore
Performed by: Corrinne May

Song For Singapore

NDP 2009 Theme Song – What Do You See
Performed by: Electrico

What Do You See

国庆庆典 2009 主题歌 - 就在这里


NDP 2008 Theme Song – Shine For Singapore
Performed by: Hady Mirza

Shine For Singapore


国庆庆典 2008 主题歌 - 晴空万里


First time in NDP history, there are two official theme songs instead of one in the year 2007.

NDP 2007 Theme Song – There’s No Place I’d Rather Be
Performed by: Kit Chan

There’s No Place I’d Rather Be

NDP 2007 Theme Song – Will You
Performed by: Janani Sridhar, Asha Edmund, Emma Yong, Lily Anna Rahmat, Jai Wahab, Shabir Mohammaed, Sebastian Tan and Gani Karim

Will You

NDP 2006 Theme Song – My Island Home
Performed by: Kaira Gong

My Island Home

国庆庆典 2006 主题歌 - 幸福的图形


NDP 2005 Theme Song – Reach Out For The Skies
Performed by: Rui En and Taufik

Reach Out For The Skies

国庆庆典 2005 主题歌 - 勇敢向前飞


NDP 2004 Theme Song – Home
Performed by: Young Voices


国庆庆典 2004 主题歌 - 家

NDP 2003 Theme Song – One United People
Performed by: Stefanie Sun

One United People

国庆庆典 2003 主题歌 - 全心全意


NDP 2002 Theme Song – We Will Get There
Performed by: Stefanie Sun

We Will Get There

国庆庆典 2002 主题歌 - 一起走到


NDP 2001 Theme Song – Where I Belong
Performed by: Tanya Chua

Where I Belong

国庆庆典 2001 主题歌 - 属于


NDP 2000 Theme Song – Shine On Me
Performed by: Jai Wahab and Mavis Hee

Shine On Me

国庆庆典 2000 主题歌 - 星月


NDP 1999 Theme Song – Together
Performed by: Evelyn Tan and Dreamz FM


国庆庆典 1999 主题歌 - 心连心


NDP 1998 Theme Song – Home
Performed by: Kit Chan


国庆庆典 1998 主题歌 - 家

This is the classic era, where everyone, young or old will know these songs.

NDP 1990 Theme Song – One People, One Nation, One Singapore

One People, One Nation, One Singapore

NDP 1987 & 1988 Theme Song – We Are Singapore
Performed by: onathan Tan, Roslinda Baharudin, Anne Weerapass and Robert Fernando

We Are Singapore

NDP 1986 Theme Song – Count On Me Singapore
Performed by: Clement Chow

Count On Me Singapore

NDP 1984 & 1985 Theme Song – Stand Up For Singapore

Stand Up For Singapore

Hope you enjoyed all the NDP songs! Happy Birthday Singapore!

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