Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Peony Jade's CNY - 8 Rhapsodies of Spring

Media Invite

When it comes to Chinese New Year (CNY), one of the talking point and highlight has to be the Reunion Meal. Nowadays, families are celebrating not necessary on the CNY eve night, but more families are planning their reunion meal (lunch or dinner) earlier. Either way, the main thing is to reunion with family members and loved ones. And for Chinese, the reunion meal has to be one of the best for the year, typically symbolizing happiness, abundance, prosperity, peace, fortune, health, etc.

Peony Jade brought the tasting of CNY meal to a whole new level when we visited them at their restaurant at Keppel Club. We were treated to the festive creation of “Eight Rhapsodies of Spring”, featuring two new dessert creations and eight other new and signature dishes.


Before the sumptuous dinner, we were spoilt with superb appetizers.

IMG_6773 IMG_6775

First up was the ‘giant’ Yu Sheng. Seriously, this is the largest Yu Sheng I have ever seen and also the tastiest one.

“Instant Enormous Windfall, Good Health and Longevity” Bonsai-shaped Monies Tree Yu Sheng
Enriched with premium seafood such as lobster, Alaskan crab claws, tuna belly, Atlantic salmon, sweet shrimp, and urchin.

Priced at S$198.80, this Yu Sheng serves up to 15 guests.


IMG_6781 IMG_6793

“Prosperity & Smooth Sailing” Hand-crafted Goat-shaped Deep Fried Hum-Soi-Kuok
Glutinous rice stuffed with minced pork and mushrooms.

Priced at S$9.88 per order of 3 pieces.


“Reaping Abundance Wealth” Australian Premium Whole Abalone Poon Choi
With 18 premium ingredients such as 10-head Australian abalones, whole Sakura Chicken, whole pork knuckle, golden oysters, roast pork, South African spikes sea cucumber, fresh whole scallops, pork tendons, fatt choy, fish maw, king prawns, whole shiitake mushrooms, homemade sea-grouper mousse cake, whole golden dried conpoy, taro, beancurd skin, radish, and broccoli.

Priced at S$468.88 for the Mini Premium Pot Package (serves 6 guests) or S$598.88 for the Premium Pot Package (serves 8-10 guests).


“A Wealth of Prosperity and Longevity” Hong Kong Roast USA Goose
Pre-marinated 3.8kg grain-fed goose infused with the brand’s noble broth rich with Chinese herbs like Angelica root and Radix Astragali.

Priced at S$188.88, serves up to 12 guests.


“Abundance Fortune” Slow-fire Stewed Lamb
With Bamboo Shoots, fresh whole garlic, and beancurd skin.

Priced at S$78.88, serves 6-8 guests.


Reunion Steamed “Abundance Wealth” Claypot Jasmine Rice
With Chinese sausages, liver sausages and homemade Air Duck Drumstick.


And finally for the desserts!

“Huat ah!” Prosperity Goats Gift Set
8 realistic lovable handcrafted goat-shaped snowskin pastries. Each filled with salted egg custard.

Priced at S$88.88 per set.



Are you ready to feast? Don’t mind calling Peony Jade for reservations. I am sure your Reunion Meal will be a great one!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Osaka Autumn Trip - Nara

Usually for travelers to Osaka, they will make a trip to either of the three places – Kyoto, Kobe or Nara. Since for me it’s a leisure trip with no rush to cover as many places as possible, I chose to just visit Nara for a day. Nara is just an hour’s train ride away from Osaka Central, and the main attractions are the temples and the wild deer park.

I was not particularly interested in the temples, so my main agenda was to see the wild deer and the surroundings for a change from Osaka view.

The quieter streets were a change from Osaka, coupled with the stronger winds, be prepared with the right clothing so that you won’t be too cold. Temperature tends to drop 2-3 degrees compared to Osaka.


Most of the activities surrounds the Sarusawaike Pond. Just go in the different directions from the pond to seek for the different attractions and just be back here.


Or just hang around the pond and enjoy a nice cup of tea and watch the ducks. Nara is just a place to slow down and relax.


From the exit of the Subway Station, walking straight will bring you to the wild deer park. Don’t you think the red leaves are just beautiful? I can stay in this season forever.




TL7C5611 TL7C5613 TL7C5614


They are so mild and friendly, you can just stay and take a selfie (needs a bit of patience to get this shot).

2014-12-02 11.31.15

Walking back to the pond, I passed by some really authentic Japanese restaurants.




The  Tea House was closed on my visit, but worth a try.


No matter what, you still have to visit this historical Five Storied Pagoda (National Treasures). It was constructed by the Empress Komyoh in 730. This current building is a restoration completed in 1426, and is the second highest pagoda in Japan, rising 50.1 meters.

TL7C5647 TL7C5656


It’s really nice to see these cyclists along the road. They looked like students who have just finished their lessons.



Stopped over in a quiet café for coffee. Loved the serenity.


Shopping in Nara is limited, the main street with shops is the Mochiidono Center Gai – one of the oldest shopping arcade in Nara.


The name “mochi” refers to rice cakes is one of the celebrity food you have to try in Nara. At the end of the shopping street, you will find this shop with lots of tourists and locals in front, and all queuing for the famous mochi.


The chefs will ‘showcase’ their amazing skills on preparing the mochi.


TL7C5723 TL7C5728 TL7C5731 TL7C5733


Once the dough is prepared, it will be placed in the machine and delicious mochi is ready.

TL7C5694 TL7C5695



I love Nara for it’s quietness and peacefulness. A good one-day break from the usual shopping and eating in Osaka.


Friday, January 23, 2015

A Date at Délifrance

Media Invite

Délifrance has been around in Singapore for a long time. I will always remember the outlet at Changi Airport (more than 20 years ago), I was seated at a corner waiting for Kless to finish her work at Délifrance. Then we will go for our date in the airport before I sent her home.

Forward 20+ years, we are back in Délifrance with our girls.


Invited for a French Royal High-tea with Délifrance award-winning Heritage Croissant.


The Heritage Croissant is made from premium French ingredients and in a test by a panel of experts from the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in Brussels, it emerged winner of the Superior Taste Award 2013, receiving three Golden Stars – the highest honor award to only the most exceptional products. In fact, the Heritage Croissant is the only product in Singapore to receive the coveted three Golden Stars.


Given the romantic tie to Délifrance and our family do enjoy croissants, this invite was a perfect fit.


We were given a brief intro to the award-winning croissant and some light entertainment from a funny man.

TL7C6121 TL7C6137

The highlight of the invite, tasting the croissants!

Plain Heritage Croissan
(priced at $2.50 until 28 Feb; $2.90 from 1 Mar onwards)


Cream Cheese with Strawberry
(priced at $3.90)


Hazelnut Chocolate with Almond
(priced at $3.90)


Turkey Bacon & Chicken Ham
(priced at $7.50)


Almond Poulet
(priced at $7.50)


Count your blessings if you have a Délifrance outlet near your home or working place. From now to 6 Feb 2015, you can enjoy all the above-mentioned croissants as a set menu, perfect for any meals of the day.


Jayne had a chance to plate her own creation of the French croissant.

TL7C6158 TL7C6165

See her cheeky pose as she finished the entire croissant. Cute!


Thanks for the invite, and recreating a mini-memory of our date in Délifrance.