Monday, January 26, 2015

Osaka Autumn Trip - Nara

Usually for travelers to Osaka, they will make a trip to either of the three places – Kyoto, Kobe or Nara. Since for me it’s a leisure trip with no rush to cover as many places as possible, I chose to just visit Nara for a day. Nara is just an hour’s train ride away from Osaka Central, and the main attractions are the temples and the wild deer park.

I was not particularly interested in the temples, so my main agenda was to see the wild deer and the surroundings for a change from Osaka view.

The quieter streets were a change from Osaka, coupled with the stronger winds, be prepared with the right clothing so that you won’t be too cold. Temperature tends to drop 2-3 degrees compared to Osaka.


Most of the activities surrounds the Sarusawaike Pond. Just go in the different directions from the pond to seek for the different attractions and just be back here.


Or just hang around the pond and enjoy a nice cup of tea and watch the ducks. Nara is just a place to slow down and relax.


From the exit of the Subway Station, walking straight will bring you to the wild deer park. Don’t you think the red leaves are just beautiful? I can stay in this season forever.




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They are so mild and friendly, you can just stay and take a selfie (needs a bit of patience to get this shot).

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Walking back to the pond, I passed by some really authentic Japanese restaurants.




The  Tea House was closed on my visit, but worth a try.


No matter what, you still have to visit this historical Five Storied Pagoda (National Treasures). It was constructed by the Empress Komyoh in 730. This current building is a restoration completed in 1426, and is the second highest pagoda in Japan, rising 50.1 meters.

TL7C5647 TL7C5656


It’s really nice to see these cyclists along the road. They looked like students who have just finished their lessons.



Stopped over in a quiet café for coffee. Loved the serenity.


Shopping in Nara is limited, the main street with shops is the Mochiidono Center Gai – one of the oldest shopping arcade in Nara.


The name “mochi” refers to rice cakes is one of the celebrity food you have to try in Nara. At the end of the shopping street, you will find this shop with lots of tourists and locals in front, and all queuing for the famous mochi.


The chefs will ‘showcase’ their amazing skills on preparing the mochi.


TL7C5723 TL7C5728 TL7C5731 TL7C5733


Once the dough is prepared, it will be placed in the machine and delicious mochi is ready.

TL7C5694 TL7C5695



I love Nara for it’s quietness and peacefulness. A good one-day break from the usual shopping and eating in Osaka.


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