Wednesday, December 12, 2012

School Bag For P1 Student

Is this what every parent will go through? I really don’t remember going through such troubles when I was in P1. Having said that, it was more than 30 years ago lah..

Even buying a school bag has so much to do and consider. Maybe this is part and parcel of a kiasu parent in Singapore. Initially we were just thinking of buying a simple bag, good enough to put all her books which costs probably around $50 or less. Then after searching the internet and hearing from some friends’ recommendations, we realised that purchasing a school bag for P1 child is not as simple as ABC.

Finding the right size.
Too small not enough to carry all the textbooks (English, Mother-tongue, Maths), workbooks, A4 folder, weekly class materials (Music, Social Studies, Art & Craft).
Too bag will be heavy and it won’t be good for the child especially since Joey will be carrying her own bag (no maid).

Finding a durable bag.
I guess not always the expensive bags are more durable, but as long as it won’t be spoilt easily it should be good enough. Just got to take note that our child is taught on how to take care of their possessions. I have seen kids that just drag their school bags at bus interchanges because it is too heavy. I guess they probably got to change pretty fast. So finding a durable (maybe slightly more expensive) could end up costing you less.

Finding the right bag.
A suitable bag has to be made of material that is firm, that will prevent sagging and does not add on extra load on the child’s spinal cord. Some bags are nice, not too expensive but the material is too soft. You can imagine the state of the books when your child takes it out during class. I think it is also important to find a bag that has adjustable straps, so that your child can get the best fit, not too low or too high when carrying.

So with all the above considerations, I narrowed my choice to 2 ergonomic bag brands widely recommended by parents in Singapore for P1 students.


SPI Bags
You can check out Kinder Fun Centrepoint (#05-15) or Kinder Fun United Square (#02-16). SPI bags can also be found at departmental stores in Takashimaya (level 3, children’s department), OG (Albert Complex/ Orchard Point/ People’s Park) or Isetan (Scott/ Nex/ Parkway Parade).

Some bags for your reference

2012-11-29 13.45.27

2012-11-29 13.45.16

2012-11-29 13.46.33


Impact Bags
You can find Impact bags at Ergowork Marina Square (#03-337), Ergowork Centrepoint (#03-36) or Ergowork Causeway Point (#03-26).

2012-12-03 18.06.34

Joey’s choice was this pink Impact bag. The size is just nice for her height. Cost – $109. If you bring back your Impact bag for a trade-in, you can get 20% off for the next Impact bag. Trade-ins only available at Marina Square and Centrepoint stores.

2012-12-03 17.50.00

2012-12-03 17.50.27

Even though the price was much more expensive than what we have planned to spend, but according to most Impact bags users, the bag can last at least 3 years if taken care well. That is about $36.33 per year. Plus the fact that it is specially designed to lessen the load on the child’s spinal cord, I think this is a very good investment.

Pink is always a winner for Joey. So her!

2012-12-03 21.35.372012-12-03 21.36.11

Features of Impact Bag (IPEG 090)
Contoured back cushion for extra support and enables cooling air flow.

2012-12-03 22.13.55

Adjustable strap allows better fit.

2012-12-03 22.15.12

Spacious for books and A4 folders.

2012-12-03 22.16.59

Little details like name tags.

2012-12-03 22.15.30

Another milestone in preparation for P1. Less than one month to D-day. Ganbatte!!!


  1. How is this bag so far? Clara

    1. HI Clara, the bag is still in good condition.. Excellent! We will be looking at changing it maybe in P4, just for a new change.. =)

    2. Thanks. I bought the bag and realised that the warranty is for 6months only. I m losing 3 mths away... Sob sob Clara

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  2. Is this a paid advertorial for ergoworks? I saw the pictuer of your daughter a few times being used by ergoworks

    1. Really? Can you send me the links for those photos? I wish they would sponsor me, maybe I should ask them now..

  3. Is this bag height ok for books and files? Will it cause like dog ear books and files since the height seems a little short at 37cm ?

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