Thursday, February 18, 2016


Imagine a world where your creativity comes to life. The recently opened MOSH! is the new family edutainment with the latest digital technology, a creative space that challenges the boundaries of one’s imagination.

MOSH! (Moshi) builds on the timeless belief that imagination fuels innovation. Just as the name alludes to “Greetings” or “If” in the Japanese language, it is an invitation to “welcome tomorrow”.

Before the girls enter the space, one of the crews explained the story of King MOSH! and the MOSH!cots.


Kingdom MOSH! is a place filled with great imagination, where dreams comes to life. King MOSH! and his MOSH!cots would celebrate whenever somebody thought of something new. One day, Baku, the Dream Eater appeared and ate up all their dreams and over time, the MOSH!cots lost their ability to dream.
Because of this, the MOSH!cots became dull and unhappy. King MOSH! then gathered the best mosh-gineers and the smartest most-sits to inspire MOSH!cots to dream again. The MOSH!cots dreamed and MOSH! became a happy place again.

Inside the digital interactive room, there are 5 areas where the kids can turn on their imagination and be “wow” by the attractions.

LAND: Hide & Seek

Place your hands on the interactive table and see little creatures come to life. Cover the little creatures under your palm and catch them before someone else does.

Suitable for younger kids, probably age 3 to 6. But the girls still enjoyed themselves trying to guess where the creatures will pop out from. Must be played with more people for maximum fun.

AIR: Paper Plane Adventure

Create your own paper plane and set them flying towards the motion-sensor wall. You will be surprised the various aircraft or birds that is created involving an interactive projection with vector sensors.

Joey spent the most time here, setting off her planes toward different scenes (the scene changes every 3-5 mins).


SEA: Doodle Aquarium


The best station for some family bonding. Pick up one of the doodle cards specially prepared according to the required size, draw whatever you want to see in an aquarium, then place it on the scanning table and see your drawings be transported to the large aquarium wall in front of you.

As you can see, we drew a crab, jellyfish, prawn, butterflies, mermaid, and even a stickman. Just be creative!


Make sure your drawing is clear and neatly connected, the interactive table can only scan and detect the largest item on the paper, so don’t draw 2 starfishes but just 1. Place the card and wait for a few seconds.

And the aquarium is filled with our creation.


SPACE: Firework Party

Another great station for family play. Step on the floor in front of the interactive wall, look out for the stardust on your feet, once you are stepping on some stardust, start to wave, jump or run along the wall to create the fireworks. There are some pretty cool fireworks in the shape of “Hello Kitty”, “Hello Melody”, “Stars” and etc.

FANTASY: World of Wonder


Take a piece of the MOSH!cots coloring paper and fill in your colors.


Once you are done, place it on the scanning machine and watch it appear on the MOSH! family wall.




Visit the place on a weekday if you can, so that you have more time to explore the place and you do not need to wait for other kids to get a chance to try out the interactive stations.


Adults: $28 / Child: $22 (Family Bundles available)
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm
Playtime of 2 hours will apply during weekends and public holidays.

Getting there:
From Beach Station, take a short 5-minute walk towards Palawan Beach or you can take the Palawan-Tanjong Beach Tram and alight at the first tram-stop outside Port of Lost Wonder.



Thanks to our generous sponsor, we have two sets of Family Packages (2 adults + 2 kids each) to give away to two readers. Please participate via Rafflecopter:

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