Friday, February 28, 2014

People of Phnom Penh

Looking through my photos, I realised I didn’t post this group of pictures taken in my previous trip to Phnom Penh. So I have decided to post it now, so that I can remember the feeling before it is gone.


He was enjoying a morning talk with his friends in one of the many street stalls. What caught me was the cigarette that was dangling on his lips. I walked over and asked to take a photo which he graciously agreed.


He was seated on a bike but seriously I don’t think he is able to ride alone.


Young chap that was just out and about to start this business in delivery, caught him just before he scooted off in his bike.


Initially his helmet visor was down and covered his face, when I asked to take a photo, he sportingly pushed up the visor to reveal his face for this picture.


She doesn’t know where to look, hiding behind her mother, she was trying to look at another friend just besides me. Cute.


This is the friend who was besides me and he insisted I take his photo too. Of course, I am more than happy to oblige. He shadowed me through the entire street and pointing out different ones for me to shoot. To a point I was afraid he would not leave me. Ha.


Just love the smile here. Though they may live in a shabby area and not much to their possession, but the contentment and happiness are things that cannot be bought.


I heard about it many times, but it was the first time I encounter it. This lady happily pose for my photo and subsequently stretched out her hand to ask for money. I initially thought no way, but ultimately I just gave her a dollar, just to bless her. Needless to say, she walked away happier than before.


This is probably one trade of coke & photo. I was looking to buy a bottle of coke and after paying, I asked for a photo chance, which she gladly agreed. Cool. I mean the coke.


This is a dangerous shot, because this man and several other friends were gambling behind one of the many huge lorries along the road. I happened to pass by and took a quick shot. You can see his slight displeasure at the disturbance.


Strolled into a kindergarten and can’t help but took some photos of the kids inside. Such an innocent face.


In the same school, I found this beautiful angel. Reminded me of my own girls when I was taking her photo.


Faces tell stories.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This is the second time we were invited to RWS to watch a musical.

2014-02-23 23.53.27

In this magical world, a terrifying warrior called The General pursues a precious energy that will make his ominous Emperor more powerful. His quest leads him to Nova, an enigmatic girl, who seems to have the ability to create The Light.
A battle for The Light ensues and he captures Nova, and tries to force her to conjure up The Light. He soon discovers that not only is he unable to control her, her presence calls into question the only world he has ever known. He must make the ultimate choice – be secure in the dark world he knows, or embrace a new world with The Light.
This story unfolds against a backdrop of vibrant and joyous celebrations, memorable melodies, epic battles, and heart-stopping live-action stunts. With songs written by acclaimed songwriter, Dick Lee and featuring an international cast of West End performers, this is a musical not to be missed.

2014-02-23 23.55.10

No photography is allowed in the show, but check out these videos to have a glimpse of the exciting scenes.

Click on the following links to hear 2 of the songs from the musical.

While I can’t show you scenes from the show, I can show you the interesting scenes from the backstage tour. The tour has definitely made me appreciate the show much more, listening and looking at the amount of hard work and effort put into the production, this is not easy at all.

We managed to meet up with one of the main cast, Vivienne Carlyle as Usha the evil witch. An experienced performer in London’s West End, the Scottish actress-singer has performed in many world-class performance like Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. She is actually very friendly and willingly posed with most of the people straight after a 2-hr long performance. Professionalism!

DSC_7957 DSC_7960

The girls were trying to showcase their own acrobatic skills too. Maybe trying to get casted for future local productions? Seriously, I don’t mind =)

DSC_7969 DSC_8002

The training area for the dancers and acrobats.


DSC_7974 DSC_7976



A priviledge view of the stage from the side, where the performers will standby to enter. I wonder how would they feel when they are getting ready to perform, must be excited and nervous at the same time.

DSC_7984 DSC_7993 DSC_7996

Took a tour behind the stages, basement levels where some of the performers will get ready to spring up from under the stage through some of the hidden doors. There is even a hidden exit near the VIP seats where the performers can get off from the stage and re-appear at the audience seats. Cool!



Last part of the tour brought us to some of the heroes’ rooms – the makeup artist, the costume room and the sound corner.







The stage setting.


LightSeeker - Light can only be given, not taken.
Book your tickets
now. Show ends on 23 Mar 2014.

2014-02-23 17.11.12

Ready for the great news?
My wife is giving out tickets for the LightSeeker Musical. Hop over to her blog post and follow the instructions to win!

Monday, February 24, 2014

[Food Review] District 10 Bar & Restaurant

If you looking for a restaurant that provides both a sleek indoor bar / dining room and an outdoor space with an al fresco appeal, then you won’t complain much at District 10. We were invited one Saturday to try out their Brunch menu at the flagship outlet located at UE Square, which recently underwent a physical revamp.

I’m going to jump straight into the menu offered.

Hoegaarden Battered Fish & Chips ($22)
(with mint mushy peas and tartare sauce)

This is suitable for the kids, the fish was kept fresh and no trace of the oil taste. The mushy peas reminds me of the authentic English fish and chips we see on the TV shows.


District 10 Eggs Benedict ($16)
(poached eggs on toasted muffin with sauteed spinach, smoked salmon & hollandaise sauce)

No brunch is complete without muffin or eggs. Combined the two together and you have a perfect brunch menu. Just check out the eggs.. Splendid!


DSC_7941 DSC_7945

District 10 Brunch Beef Burger ($20)
(charcoal-grilled Black Angus patties topped with fried egg, crispy back bacon, cheddar cheese on a sesame bun & served with natural cut fries)

A burger’s essence has to be the patty. And this Black Angus patty definitely up the stakes here. Done to perfection, it keeps the juice just inside and every bite is satisfying. Finally a burger worthy of being a burger.



Pizza with Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang ($29)

Definitely a great choice for a group of friends eating together. The portion was slightly too much for a family of four. But still I enjoyed the crust combined with special rendang beef.

DSC_7943 DSC_7934

Freshly Squeezed Juices
(Orange / Green Apple / Carrot / Watermelon / Pineapple)

There are more choices like milkshakes and anti-oxidant drinks available for everyone.


New York Cheese Cake ($14)


Warm Lava Chocolat Cake & Vanilla Ice Cream ($14)


Brunch is surely catching up in Singapore. Don’t miss out the fun with friends for something new and also a chance to explore the different places in town which usually are crowded on a weekday but quite peaceful during the weekend.

District 10 Bar & Restaurant
Operating Hours
Lunch – 11.30am to 2.30pm (Monday to Friday)
Brunch – 11am to 3pm (Saturday, Sunday & PH)
Tea – 2.30pm to 5.30pm (Monday to Friday); 3pm to 5.30pm (Saturday, Sunday & PH)
Dinner – 5.30pm to 11pm (Sunday to Thursday); 5.30pm to 1am (Friday & Saturday)

Friday, February 14, 2014

No One More Special Than You

Don’t read on if you are allergic to mushy words. But if you are Kless, please do read!











This year is the 21st time we are celebrating Valentine’s Day together. How time flies and may I say 21 years is like a significance of the maturity of our love for one another, be it good or bad times.

Sometimes I wonder, being together for a long period before we got married, was a plus for marriage. Did we have enough time to grow individually before making the decision to merge and cleave? Would our lives be different? Honestly, I do not know and maybe it’s not important at all. The fact is we are happily married, with two wonderful children and we are still very much in love with one another.

Too bad I don’t have the photos of our beginning years but these are significant enough to see how far we have we walked together. Being a diehard LFC fan as you know me to be, the motto of YNWA is truly apt to describe my feelings towards you. In whatever situation, you can be sure we will be walking together.

Ready for the walk down memory lane? Just for the records, Kless you always are the most beautiful woman I have met and I will love you forever!











As cliché as it can be, here are the reasons why I love you:

You are always there to provide support for all my decisions. Some may not be good but you are always kind towards me and point out my wrong attitudes in a loving manner. You never make me lose heart in what I do and encourage me on all the time.

Loyalty is not about how long one has been with another, it is about how much one has sacrificed for another. You may not have talked about it much, but I know and will forever remember all the sacrifices you have made for me. Love.

I don’t know why and how, but you are always able to voice out my mind or thoughts, better than I planned to. Whenever I am lost for words, you are always there to rescue me. Never leaving me alone to be a fool and I am so thankful for that.

You may not agree on this point, but when you smile it is always so sweet and captivating.

I probably have not told you before, but you are definitely very special to me. Sometimes we may not talk much when we are together, but whenever I am alone or with friends and you are not there, I can’t help but will always think of you and wished that you were there with me. Like it or not, I’m going to be there with you always! =p

Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you!


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