Friday, November 18, 2011

My Grandma is 88

I missed grandma’s 88th birthday celebration. So the entire Kuan family decided to visit her in JB.

Grandma’s hearing and memory are failing, we have to speak loudly and repeat ourselves many times before she can understands us.

Grandma took care of me when I was young, in fact I lived with her for about 3 years before my younger brother was born. I can still remember Grandma will cook all the nicest Hakka food to make me forget shortly the pain of seeing my mother leave every weekend back to Singapore. Since she fell and injured her leg about 5 years ago, she hardly travels out of her house, except for going to church on Sundays. But she still insisted to walk us out to the main gate. That is how much Grandma loves us.


Before we leave, I had to chance to pray for her. Bless her and thank her for the care and love all these years. All of us need to remember our elders and make time to be with them.


Grandma, I love you!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hello? Are You Daddy?

Joey is old enough to memorise our mobile numbers. That is extremely important, cos if she is ever lost in a shopping mall or in a crowd (I pray that will never happen), she can approach someone and call us. Neat, right?

Not entirely right…

A recent call conversation from Joey went like this:

Joey: Daddy, I want to talk to Mommy?

Me: Mommy is busy working, do you want to talk to me instead? (that was the beginning of my mistake)

Joey: Daddy, what time will you be back tonight? Are you going to work late? Are you coming home with Mommy? Will you be coming home like usual time?

Me: Yes, we are coming home after work, not working late. What do you want to talk about?

Joey: Daddy, when you come back, remember to…. buy 1 duck rice for Nai Nai, buy 1 duck rice for Mei Mei, buy 1 duck rice for me. Also Nai Nai wants kopi-o, buy 1 kopi-o for her.

Me: (a bit sian liao) okay…

Joey: Must be hot kopi-o ah.. Mr kopi-o…

Me: Who?

Joey: You are Mr kopi-o… Mr kopi-o…

Who taught her to memorise my mobile number??

Monday, November 14, 2011

Wedding – Jacob & Shanti

First of all, congrats to the lovely couple and thanks for inviting me to witness such a beautiful ceremony.

The ceremony was held at Rochester Park @ 1-Caramel.


It was my first time at this particular wine bar, and I must say, I’m very tempted to go back again with a few of my buddies. Too bad, it’s not a place suitable for kids.


Just look at the gorgeous pavilion set up for the ceremony. Really looked like something out of the movies.


I was supposed to be there as a guest, but since I took my camera along, I started to take some photos. I think the other guests must be thinking I am some sort of photographer. A single lenses photographer, hahaa..



Can I say? Wedding photography is not easy at all. I cannot imagine myself to be the main photographer in-charge for a wedding. It is so stressful!

Some shots of the wedding ceremony.







The lovely couple doing the champagne pouring.


Blissful marriage!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kirolounge Open House

Have you heard of Chiropractic? Do you know how it works? Painful or painless? I have no idea what it is until a recent visit to Kirolounge.


Kiropratic is a new concept which is a fusion of Chiropractic with nutrition and natural exercise. The first thing I was asked to do when I stepped into their office was to drink a glass of mixed fruit juice (orange, grapes, broccoli, cucumber water, apple). I really felt so healthy that morning.


I was the first and only one doing the examination that morning, so I had to privilege of the staff’s full attention, learning more about chiropractic and correcting a few erroneous info.

Seriously, the adjustment beds looked like torture beds. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t get a chance to try out the adjustments, but before we left, we saw 2 clients came for their weekly dose of “torture”. Each session barely lasted for 10mins, and both of them looked very satisfied and happy after the session.


After a brief introduction to Kirolounge, it’s time for the assessment. Trying to sit as straight and upright just in case the doctor scolds me. Hahaha… reminded me of my primary school days in the dentist’s room.


This is Dr. Brian, he is the in-charge at Kirolounge. I won’t blame you if you mistaken him as a gym instructor, he is super fit.




Final result of my assessment: not much of a surprise, my spinal alignment is out. My body is slightly slanted to the left, hence the usual complains of neck and shoulder aches or pains. Also I am slightly out of alignment on my hips and shoulders as compared to the sole of my legs. Basically I tend to lean forward when I am standing up, once again putting more stress to my upper body.

Doctor’s recommendation: go for an x-ray ($130) then be back for a few sessions of chiropractic (about $70 per session).

If you are interested, do call them and arrange for a checkup. My verdict, good to go through the sessions, definitely helpful to make sure the body is working well and right.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Day With Justin

Last weekend we were invited to Justin’s 2nd birthday party at Costa Sands Resort. Back then, we went to chalets as teenagers for school chalets and BBQs. Now, we are usually at chalets to celebrate children’s birthdays. I guess that is how we will be, slightly older…

The birthday boy with my 2 princesses.


So cute to see the 2 of them sharing a joke. They are only 6 mths apart in age. Does the song 青梅竹马 sounds familiar?




Jayne took a while before she can blow straight into the hole to produce the bubbles.


Seeing her success, Justin decided to look and learn for a while.


Can you see the determination / 青根?


Eventually he is just happy to have some help from Joey.


Happy Birthday Justin!


Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

This event has been going on for years, just outside our flat, along the rows of private houses at Woodgrove Road. This year is my first time joining the girls for a walk and soak in the “Trick or Treat” atmosphere.

Jayne getting ready for her debut trip like me.


She is such a cute darling!


This year both girls are dressed in their angel wings, Joey in her pink hat and Jayne in her orange devil’s ear.


One photo of the 3 ladies, all in their different headgear. Kawaii!


Took a few shots before meeting up with Claire and her girls.





The assembly of the 7-heavenly girls.


More shots of decorations around the vicinity.





Just look at the crowd on a Monday night. Incredible.


After 2 hours walk, little Jayne was totally tired out but equally happy with her collection of sweets.


Happy Halloween!

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Scientific Inheritance

I vaguely remember that I love to visit Science Centre Singapore when I was younger, much younger I think. The same enthusiasm is now found in my own daughter, Joey. At least I can fell proud I passed on some intelligent genes to her.

Last week together with Sanses & Family, we were invited by Science Centre to experience “real-life” dinosaurs. First thoughts would be, “It’s so exciting!” “But then, isn’t it more suitable for boys?” “Would girls even like dinosaurs?” “Will Joey be frightened by it?”

Before the exhibit walk, we had a chance to watch a show at the Omni Theatre. This is the 2nd time for Joey but it’s a first for me! Imagine watching some cool show with crystal clear images and wraparound digital surround sound, in short, it’s like you are there in the show.


We were ushered to watch “Flying Monsters”. Cool right? NO! It was a total boring show!

From the start till the end, we watched how a lizard evolved from a crawling reptile to a flying reptile called the pterosaurs. So boring. To be honest, I actually fell asleep twice during the show. BUT… Joey loved it! Amazing! How can that be possible??

No photos to show here, partly because there is a no photography rule for the shows and secondly, I just felt too troublesome to lug out my camera.

After the show, we were then ushered to an exhibition collaborated between Make*Believe and the Science Centre. Basically, it’s a partnership to focus on developing early interests in science, architecture and many aspects of the little ones’ environment.




Next up, the real purpose of this trip. See some Dinosaurs!





Looks so real right? But do you know, it is made of rubber? Definitely killed some of the excitement once you touched it.

Inside the exhibition, we saw about 50 life-sized dinosaurs roared, swayed and looked sort of hideous in those green and blue lights. If not for the information given, one could have mistaken the place for Halloween Haunted House or sort.


But as usual, Joey still enjoyed herself, very excited to pull me along the trail and point out to me all the swaying dinos.


End of the day, for any parent, the most important thing is our child enjoyed the trip. Probably as adults, we are spoilt with choices and didn’t manage our expectations as well as kids. A lesson learnt from kids.

Joey the Paleontologist.


Maybe she will grow up and excel in Science, a subject I believe both Kless and I didn’t do well in school. Just a hope.