Friday, November 4, 2011

A Scientific Inheritance

I vaguely remember that I love to visit Science Centre Singapore when I was younger, much younger I think. The same enthusiasm is now found in my own daughter, Joey. At least I can fell proud I passed on some intelligent genes to her.

Last week together with Sanses & Family, we were invited by Science Centre to experience “real-life” dinosaurs. First thoughts would be, “It’s so exciting!” “But then, isn’t it more suitable for boys?” “Would girls even like dinosaurs?” “Will Joey be frightened by it?”

Before the exhibit walk, we had a chance to watch a show at the Omni Theatre. This is the 2nd time for Joey but it’s a first for me! Imagine watching some cool show with crystal clear images and wraparound digital surround sound, in short, it’s like you are there in the show.


We were ushered to watch “Flying Monsters”. Cool right? NO! It was a total boring show!

From the start till the end, we watched how a lizard evolved from a crawling reptile to a flying reptile called the pterosaurs. So boring. To be honest, I actually fell asleep twice during the show. BUT… Joey loved it! Amazing! How can that be possible??

No photos to show here, partly because there is a no photography rule for the shows and secondly, I just felt too troublesome to lug out my camera.

After the show, we were then ushered to an exhibition collaborated between Make*Believe and the Science Centre. Basically, it’s a partnership to focus on developing early interests in science, architecture and many aspects of the little ones’ environment.




Next up, the real purpose of this trip. See some Dinosaurs!





Looks so real right? But do you know, it is made of rubber? Definitely killed some of the excitement once you touched it.

Inside the exhibition, we saw about 50 life-sized dinosaurs roared, swayed and looked sort of hideous in those green and blue lights. If not for the information given, one could have mistaken the place for Halloween Haunted House or sort.


But as usual, Joey still enjoyed herself, very excited to pull me along the trail and point out to me all the swaying dinos.


End of the day, for any parent, the most important thing is our child enjoyed the trip. Probably as adults, we are spoilt with choices and didn’t manage our expectations as well as kids. A lesson learnt from kids.

Joey the Paleontologist.


Maybe she will grow up and excel in Science, a subject I believe both Kless and I didn’t do well in school. Just a hope.

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