Monday, May 6, 2013

SEA Aquarium @ Sentosa

Special thanks to the Ching and Law families, we were treated to a family package to the SEA Aquarium at Sentosa. This is the first time for both Joey and Jayne and we were quite sure they will have a great time. The only regret was to choose a weekend to visit the Aquarium.


Who would not be captivated by such a view of clear waters and colourful fishes?


The photos are not as good as my previous visit, but you get the idea. See it for yourself to experience the beauty.



The staff comes out to engage the crowd with special species of the Aquarium. He is holding on to a puppet of the hermit crab. Surprisingly, Joey was braver than Jayne this time. The expression says it all.


Klessis doing her usual now trademark pose of shoes standing together. I just steal the moment.


One of the more frequent sight in the Aquarium is the Mantra Rays, better known as ‘sting ray’ in many parts of Singapore makan places.


Can’t remember the actual name, but it’s a squid.


Personally, the jelly fishes are the most beautiful sea creature in the Aquarium. I can just stand there are stare at the many different species of jelly fishes and the gracefulness of their movements.

2013-05-04 13.36.21

2013-05-04 13.39.35

Thanks again to dear friends who sponsored us on this visit, the girls totally enjoyed it and we were so blessed too!

Ticket Info
One Day Pass: Adult (S$29), Child 4-12 yo (S$20), Senior (S$20), Student (S$20)

Operating Hour
Usually opens daily from 10am – 7pm
here for the updates on opening hours.


  1. One note to remember...if u can help it, go on a wkday. never on wknd or public holiday.

    1. Ya!! Really cannot go to any of such attractions on a weekend.. =)