Monday, May 27, 2013


Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but before we know the truth or the entirety of any matter, it is always wiser to stay mute and be a responsible individual. In fact, being able to stay quiet about any matter before its end is a sign of maturity.

From 15-23 May, the first tranche of trials started for the highly solicitude CHC case. As a member of CHC, I am very excited that the trial has finally started. This would mark the beginning of the end. Whether it would take 2 or 3 tranches more, at least we are finally seeing the end of the tunnel.

In these 6 days of trails, I have witnessed a lot and learnt plenty. For the judicial department, this is probably the first time they have witnessed members of the public queuing up as early as 4am (on the average), to get a ticket to attend the court sessions. For the Defence Counsels (DC), many of which are Senior Counsels (SC), it has been a long time since they have stepped into the Subordinate Courts to fight a case.

I did not have the chance to attend any of the sessions, but from what I gathered, it was very technical till the point of being boring to those who do not really understand accountancy. It was definitely not like the HK dramas we have grown up watching. Nonetheless, it was still a good fight between the DPPs and DCs.

As expected, there were a few embarrassing email correspondences that were presented during the trail, the Prosecution Witnesses (PW) may or may not remember some of the details, but IMHO, I think it would be wise to wait till the defenders have their say before we pass any judgments. We must remember that it is not only the 6 individuals who are going  through this trial, but their spouses, their children, even their elderly parents are going through a tough period most of us cannot even imagine. Just based on that level, I feel it would be just plain humanity to keep our comments to ourselves and let the truth be told eventually.

Another thing I learnt from one of my friend, is to be objective in this period and do not become personal against any certain group of people. To put in plainly, the Prosecutors are not ‘devils’. They are paid to do a job and they are assigned by the Judiciary System to handle this trial. Again, we can only try to imagine what they are going through right now. Due to the massive media coverage of this case, they are inevitably thrown into the lime light too. Like the defenders, they too have their families and parents who are worried for them. Like mentioned by my ‘learned friend’, maybe in future our children maybe a Public Prosecutor too. Are we to say it is a bad choice?

All in all, I choose to focus on the positive. From this six days, I have seen how the various departments in the church came together as one and supported one another like never before. Supervisors dropped their ranks and served like any other. If anything, I believe the unity of the church, and I mean members, have gone up one level. Friendships have grown deeper. We have once again found the calling of true servanthood and humility.

I  thank all who have come and make it possible for the first tranche. Your sacrifices, be it queuing for tickets, sending water and snacks, driving, ushering, praying, encouraging one another, only God can truly reward you in full. I salute you!

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  1. Do remember also that you and the public are paying for the costs of the Prosecutors and judge.

    Also, that the DCs and SCs are not "devils" too.

    Of course, the DCs/SCs are very well paid and providing good and expensive materials for City News to report.

    There's two side to a coin. Make sure to read the other side.