Friday, May 3, 2013

EatPlayLove Cafe

Jumping onto the wagon of parent bloggers who have already posted about this newly opened cafe along Aliwal Street, EatPlayLove Cafe. This was our second visit in less than 10 days.


The staff were very friendly and very used to people going around taking photos of their deco, merchandise and crafts. Probably, the boss secretly hopes that more people will talk about it or share our photos. I think that is a very clever strategy and of course it works fine for bloggers like us.


Though it is a cafe, but the kitchen closes everyday from 3-6pm. But during this period, they will still serve cakes, desserts and drinks. We didn’t try out lunch menu except for a bowl of pasta for the girls while they did their art & craft session. Maybe a 3/5 score.


Personally, I don’t really like the coffee as it was slightly bland to my preference. But that was not the main reason for visiting the cafe. The selling point is the craft corner available for kids to play for 2 hours at an affordable price of S$5 per child. That is translated to 2 hours of freedom for all parents while your child is enjoying some creative fun.

The materials available for the craft is one of the best I have seen around in most of the kid-friendly cafes in Singapore.



Colour papers like we have seen during my primary school days. These will never go out of fashion.


I think it would be a dream come true if we have such a corner at home for the girls.

DSC_9131 DSC_9140

DSC_9145 DSC_9147


I’m really glad that both the girls take after Kless in the area of creativity. See how cute the face picture Joey did with the cotton balls?


The younger sibling will always tend to follow the elder one. I love the look on Jayne’s face.


DSC_9168 DSC_9162

More craft materials for your choice.

DSC_9119 DSC_9149

The feel around the cafe is one of free art and creativity. These are some of the crafts done by customers and they probably have left it behind to be displayed.



If you are not so keen to create for yourself, ready made ‘monsters’ are available for you as well.



To the girls, these are new toys and food, but for a nearly 40 years old man, this is what we call retro.




DSC_9111 DSC_9114

Retro decorations.




I’m quite sure we will be back again for the craft. Even thinking that I could hold my birthday bash here where the kids can have their fun and all of us parents and friends can have our relaxed afternoon tea.

Leaving you with more photos of the girls and their crafts.


DSC_9188 DSC_9189

DSC_9190 DSC_9192

DSC_9209 DSC_9203

Family photo – pose 1.


Family photo – pose 2.


See you soon!


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