Friday, December 31, 2010

Time Alone (Part 2)

In the midst of all the old toys, there is a Children Little Museum, entrance fee is $2 per pax. An idea where to bring Joey in future.







All these vintage things just sets the mood for a relaxing afternoon. We strolled along Bussorah Street and found this cafe.


It’s a run down cafe, manned by 2 guys who just looks like they are doing this to pass time. It’s like a back-packer cafe with free internet access and you can see a lot of Ang Mohs hanging around, exchanging travelling tips or stories.



Surprisingly the coffee was not too bad.



After a relaxing rest, we walked over a few streets to Haji Lane. Surprisingly, not a lot of people knows about this place, or have been to this place. It’s a very narrow lane, with 2 rows of shop houses. The entire place is filled with creativity. Many young entrepreneurs setting up their trade, learning customer service and providing Singaporeans and tourists another superb place for a walk. Too bad, we were too intrigued by the shops and amazing items on sales that we totally forgotten to take any pictures. Take it as a chance for you to explore the place on your own bah.

Last stop of our date was @ Orchard Road. I guess every couple has to go there when we date right? The roads were crowded with people, rushing for some post-Christmas sales or just to get soaked in some festive moods.

But for us, it was the perfect chance to finally try the much recommended ramen from Ippudo @ Mandarin Gallery.




This entire wall is filled with all sorts of bowls.


Trying to take a photo of minnie mouse. Can you see?


Now, the food!




For those who know me, I am not a pork lover. But I have to say this pork bun is the most delicious bun I have ever tried. So this is MUST BUY!


I had the most wonderful day with Kless. Totally enjoyed our date. I highly encourage all parents to date your spouse at least once a month. And I mean going out for a walk, shop, eat and play. NO KIDS! This is healthy lifestyle. And when you have done that, you will also learn to love your kids more. Trust me!

Love you Dear!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Time Alone (Part 1)

As parents of 2 hyper-active kids, it is very important for us to be able to draw away for a short while and enjoy some couple time. To rest is so that we can go on farther. This is very true!

Dating my wife is a wonderful feeling. She is so easily contented, no need for atas preparation, just a simple meal and spending time relaxing together.

She has been wanting to eat some nice dim sum for a long time, so I brought her to the famous Victor’s Kitchen @ Sunshine Plaza. Very Hong Kong style.


Chicken feet


XO sauce carrot cake, this is not your usual carrot cake, it’s a soft type with super nice sauce.


Must try Lotus Leaf Rice, you would not regret!


Other dim sum worth a try if you are still hungry.



After breakfast, we went to Bussorah Street. It’s a very nice street with lots of shop selling old toys and stuff.


Close up on the old version “Beyblade”


More oldies




It was a fun time.. Check back for Part 2 of our date tomorrow =)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

D&D - Drama & Dominion

As we watch Jayne growing up day by day, I can’t help but wonder how did she grow up to be so dramatic and dominating. The obvious should be Kless and Me respectively.

From this group of photos, you should be able to see some of her drama-ness and stubbornness.









She is such a joy to everyone in the family. Indeed the little darling of the family =)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To 奶奶 With Love

To the girls, 奶奶 is their best friend. 奶奶 is the one who will play with them, feed them, bathe them, bring them out and buy things for them. I used to feel a bit jealous about it, but have come to realised, it is in fact a great blessing to see such a bond between my mother and the girls. I am blessed to have my mother to be there all the time for us and for the kids. She is more than just a mother, but also a great support and help.

Joey simply adores 奶奶. She has to wait for 奶奶 to be home before she will go to bed, she will reminds us to buy food for 奶奶, she will help 奶奶 answer her calls. Sweet!




It’s the same for Jayne. Especially now when 奶奶 is taking care of her everyday. The bond had grown so much in just 3 weeks. Every night Jayne will ask about 奶奶 before bed, every morning she will knock on 奶奶’s door to let 奶奶 know she is awake. Sweet!



Happy Birthday Mummy! Thanks for all that you have done! YOU are our HERO! Love you always!


Monday, December 27, 2010

iPad Apps For Kids

Let’s face it! iPad are for kids! One look at the iPad at home, more than 60% of the Apps are for Joey and Jayne.

What are some of the best Apps for kids? Let me share my findings or I should say what interests the girls.

Fruit Ninja / Veggie Samurai
A very therapeutic game. You just need to slice the fruits or vegetables within a time limit. Different modes will enable the girls to slice and try to miss the bomb. Even Jayne likes to play this. It’s so cute to see both of them sitting side-by-side using all 10 fingers to slice the veggie and giggling at the same time.

Dora Coloring
One of the girls’ favourite cartoon character at this moment. This app allows you to choose a background, then you can select the character you want to be in the picture, then do the coloring. You can have Dora in swimming suit, sunbathing, shopping, running..

Art Puzzle
This is the perfect app for Joey. She gets to practice doing puzzles over and over again without Jayne taking the pieces away. And you won’t lose any piece at all. The cool thing about the app is the background classical music, really a great chance to inject some form of

What else? Even Kless can’t keep her fingers off this app. A great game for Joey learn how to farm, build buildings, redesign, etc..


Tap Tap Revenge 3
One of the games that I totally did not expect Joey to pick up. But she did and I had to say she really enjoyed it a lot and has been playing it almost everyday. It’s a game to hone her skills in beat and rhythm. Cool!