Monday, December 27, 2010

iPad Apps For Kids

Let’s face it! iPad are for kids! One look at the iPad at home, more than 60% of the Apps are for Joey and Jayne.

What are some of the best Apps for kids? Let me share my findings or I should say what interests the girls.

Fruit Ninja / Veggie Samurai
A very therapeutic game. You just need to slice the fruits or vegetables within a time limit. Different modes will enable the girls to slice and try to miss the bomb. Even Jayne likes to play this. It’s so cute to see both of them sitting side-by-side using all 10 fingers to slice the veggie and giggling at the same time.

Dora Coloring
One of the girls’ favourite cartoon character at this moment. This app allows you to choose a background, then you can select the character you want to be in the picture, then do the coloring. You can have Dora in swimming suit, sunbathing, shopping, running..

Art Puzzle
This is the perfect app for Joey. She gets to practice doing puzzles over and over again without Jayne taking the pieces away. And you won’t lose any piece at all. The cool thing about the app is the background classical music, really a great chance to inject some form of

What else? Even Kless can’t keep her fingers off this app. A great game for Joey learn how to farm, build buildings, redesign, etc..


Tap Tap Revenge 3
One of the games that I totally did not expect Joey to pick up. But she did and I had to say she really enjoyed it a lot and has been playing it almost everyday. It’s a game to hone her skills in beat and rhythm. Cool!

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