Wednesday, December 1, 2010

7 Simple Actions To Become a Hero

Action #1: Daily Dos

Hidden in the daily routines of providing care is an opportunity for Dad and child to bond.

At bedtime, pick a book for your child and read to them. Reading is a great hobby and the stories they read may inspire them for a lifetime. At dinnertime, talk about the things that happened in school life, guide them through the problems they may face in class. While their challenges may seem trivial, it's a giant battle for the little one.

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Action #2: Outdoor Fun

Put on a cap and take your child out hiking, cycling, swimming and more. Buy a kite, and launch it into the sky. Teach the basics of car maintenance like washing, polishing, and checking the fluid levels.



Action #3: Strategy Games

Strategic thinking may be a Dad's forte and one way to make sure your sheer genius is passed down to the next generation is by playing games with your child. They'll also develop patience and persistence as they try to beat their old man.

Action #4: Media Habits

Every child has great capacity to learn boundaries that are in their best interest. Play video games, watch movies and shop with your kids. It's your opportunity to help him learn values and what to choose.



Action #5: Serve Others

All children desire to have greater purpose beyond scoring well in school exams. Adopt a home or shelter to serve in. Or maybe a pet.


Action #6: Family Pride

If you're a lawyer, teach your child to debate via a mock trial. If you're an accountant, teach them the beauty of numbers. Even if your child is destined for a different career path, they will naturally proud of their father and feel a stronger sense of self-worth when they are aware of the family’s skills. Do something as a family.


Action #7: Not Around?

Even if you're unable to personally guide your child, what's most important is for them to be secure that they are unconditionally loved and accepted. Communicate as regularly as possible and enjoy each opportunity. Every child needs to know that their father delights in their presence and enjoys being there.


I’m a happy father =)

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