Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Take Time To Be A Dad Today

"Even the smallest moments can have the biggest impact in a child's life." President Obama

Inspired by this short message from the President. Even the busiest man on planet earth knows the importance of spending time with his children, I guess none of us will have the excuse to not do so. Here are some ways we can impact our children’s life:

Find her love language
My girl loves to draw and she will almost do something different everyday for me or Kless. That’s her way of expressing her love. What we can do is find out the love language of our kids, and do it for them. I don’t draw well at all, but sometimes I will just draw a heart shape or a face shape for Joey so that she can colour it.


Just do it
Bring her out for a treat. We don’t have to wait till a special occasion or when she has done something right for a reward. Surprise them! I love to bring Joey out for some of her favourite food like fries. I know some parents will shake their heads and remind me that fries are junk food. But the focus is not on the food, it’s the bond.


Be Affectionate
Hug, tickle, high fives, kiss. There are so many ways to show affection. Just 2 days ago, I knelt beside Joey while she was watching her cartoon and kissed her on her cheek and arm. She turned and asked me why. Told her I love her. That night, she was so happy she wanted to do everything with me, sitting besides me for dinner, cuddled besides me while watching TV. I am so happy to have her attention =)
Sometimes doing silly things can be fun too… like touching spoons?


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