Friday, December 10, 2010

Father Can Still Dream

I think I am still pretty much a boy. I like to dream tho I’m already a father of 2. The dream I had since young was to be a photographer. But due to finance constraints and probably my own lack of confidence to pursue it, the dream never really materialised. So I really hope that my girl will be able to fulfil it for me. Okay, I know I am being selfish. But can I just dream a bit… Actually Joey has quite a keen eye for photography. Who knows, she may have that talent. =)

19 Nov 001

Took a few photos using Kless’s G12. Give me your comments.

I like this photo. Not sure why, but having foil in B&W seems like a good idea.


I was trying to bring out the idea of ‘Direction’ as portrayed in the arrow. My steps was included to show the ‘Path’ idea.


Like the idea of ‘Emptiness’ portrayed by the tap without the head and the distance shown by the lines.


Not a very successful photo. Trying to copy the idea from a friend, contrast between ‘old’ (metal gate) and ‘new’ (vending machine).