Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Daddy’s Friends – Peter & Cherry

Peter & Cherry


I am very proud to say, I was the one who brought this couple together! Remember to give me a big angpow when you get married.. =p (just joking)

I know Peter slightly longer than Cherry. He is an avid photographer. Taught me almost everything that I know about photography now. Peter is a very meticulous guy, someone who likes to plan and makes a lot of preparation for everything he does. Which is why I am not surprise when he was asked to lead a team in his current work just barely 6mths in the job.


Joey remembers Uncle Peter as the photographer too. Whenever I was teaching her some stuff about camera, she will mention that Uncle Peter got very nice camera and takes good photos. Win liao lor..


More practice will come when you have you own child my friend..


I became friends with Cherry in a very special way. I’ve heard of her name, heard a lot about her from people around. But I have never seen her. That went on for 2-3 months, when finally she is back from her holiday in China. I saw a petite and shy girl. But since then, we have been good friends and recently in CG, I am really getting more and more impressed in her flow with the HS and really thankful that she is in the same CG as all of us. Accounts trained, that is an added point for me, same industry mah. Cherry is alone here in Singapore, her family is in China and so very naturally I took on the role of an elder brother and started to take care of her a bit more. But come Jan, I will be glad to hand over that task to Peter. Congrats!


The girls see Cherry as a friend who will occasionally play with them and sometimes teach them better Chinese. I am just more than happy to let her help me on Chinese =)



Our friendship (i realised we don’t have much photos with Peter, cos he is usually the photographer)


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