Monday, April 1, 2013

Remember Or Forget?

This is a post not to remember the pain but to remind myself what exactly happened. To say it better, it is a post to release my feelings.

This year’s Good Friday is definitely a day not easily forgotten. Not just because of what Christ has done for us, but closer to heart, my dear Joey had a bad fall which causes her forehead to literally spilt open with a deep cut that required more than 40-50 stitches inside and out.

It happened after we came home from marketing, my mother was preparing lunch, Kless and I were doing our work and the girls were playing outside with their scooter. In a moment, we heard the scream from Joey and my heart sank immediately. I knew it was not a normal scream. Kless was the fastest to run out to the girls. What we saw next was never a scene anyone can prepare for. Joey was holding on to her forehead with blood flowing profusely down her entire face. As she turned towards us, Jayne who was just besides her saw the blood and she too screamed with fear.

Kless took hold of Joey and brought her into the house immediately. Took a clothe and applied pressure on the wound, thank God for her. It is definitely very important for someone at home to be trained in first aid. I was carrying Jayne tightly in my arms for fear that she would be traumatised. I can only tell her it’s alright, don’t be afraid.

I called for the ambulance and thankfully it came within minutes. The paramedics took a look at the wound and for the first time I saw how bad the cut was. My mother did not even dare to look but was just praying non-stop at one side. Truly, at times like this, when we do not know what to do, prayer is the best thing we can have.

As the ambulance left with Joey and Kless accompanying, I took a pail of water to wash away the blood on the corridor floor. To be frank, I was not sure whether it was sweat or tears on my face, whether was it fear or doubt, I was just like a zombie scrubbing and scrubbing hard.

Initially, I did not want to bring Jayne along to the hospital, but looking at how she was clinging on to me and begging me to bring her along, I know I have to give her the assurance especially after she just witnessed such a horrible thing.

At the hospital, very quickly Joey was brought for a x-ray, and the result was good as there were no other injuries. Doctor told us he will have to put Joey under GA and do the stitches which will be a 3-layer job. We have to be in the room to accompany Joey as the nurses administered the anaesthetic. When she is unconscious from the drug, the doctor explained to us the extent of the wound and how he will be doing the stitches. Looking much closer to the wound and the face of Joey was totally a heart-wrenching moment. I really prayed that I can be the one taking her position.

The stitching procedure took about an hour or more. Once it was done, Joey was awake as well. After a short while in the Observation Ward, she was deemed okay to be discharge.

The first night was tough for Joey, still under the effect of the anaesthetic, she vomited out everything she placed in her mouth, food and water. Thankfully, she didn’t fill any pain even after the effect was over.

After 24 hours, we removed the bandage and for the first time revealed to the family the look of the hideous-looking stitch work (a good 30+ stitch). Joey was reluctant to see it for herself initially but after a while, the brave girl took a sneak at the mirror and declared that it was not too bad. Thank God! But in her own room, she confessed to grandma that she was a bit afraid that the scar will stay forever and she won’t look pretty anymore. So sad, I cried.

Looking at her sleeping peacefully on her bed, I can’t help but feel so sorry for her. Even when Kless and I laid down on our bed to rest, that screaming scene keeps replaying on our mind. I can only pray that God please please remove that memory from the girls’ mind.


  1. Sadden to read this post, get well soon Joey.

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  3. Really so heart wrenching... My eyes are damp just from reading the entry... This is so scary for any kid and any parent. Praying for Joey and Jayne.

    1. Thank you Von.. it was indeed a scary moment.. I pray that no parent or child will have to experience it at all.

  4. No wonder I saw you checked in at KK Hospital, was wondering why you were there, even thinking if you were there for visitation. But I must say your girl is brave and certainly pray that the wound will heal and no scar will be left behind! It will be complete healing!

  5. Oh dear... Really heart-wrenching to even read this. Please take care of your lovely girls and yourself Isaiah. Only time will heal the wound, but meanwhile there's definitely ways to make poor Joey feel better. Take care.

  6. bro,

    Quick recovery for Jayne. Deep inside every parent, is a fear that no-matter-what-we-do-to-protect-our-kids, something will still happen. I can totally understand you and Klessis' predicament.

    Take care, and do not forget to comfort Joey. Younger kids can be easily traumatised.

    best regards,

  7. Poor girl! We feel for her! Hope for more good news soon

    1. Thanks! Believing that all will be well!