Monday, April 8, 2013

Is 3 Better Than 2?

For the past one month, there are so many friends around us giving birth, mostly their 2nd child. Since Kless and I were one of the first few among our peers to be parents, naturally the question everyone ask is, when will we have our 3rd baby?

Joey when she was 3 years old.


Jayne when she was one month old.


And this is Joash (Gerald & Kristie) when he was just a few days old.
When we visited Baby Joash, I had a sudden thought of the possibilities of having a 3rd child. Don’t ask me why, I can’t even explain or understand. Maybe it was the baby smell.


Let’s break it down. The pros and cons of having a 3rd child.

According to most parents with more than 2 children, the transition from 2 to 3 is the easiest. You are already experienced enough to handle 2, adding another child is not that tough.
b) The more the merrier. Of course children are a blessings from God and every child is different and unique. Already with Joey and Jayne, we are having loads of fun learning about them and seeing how they are growing up in the same environment but developing different characters and interests.
c) First thing first, I have no gender preferences. I love girls equally as boys, in fact I think I prefer girls (daddy’s girl experiences). But if we were to have a 3rd child and by God’s grace, we have a boy, then it would be totally new fun experience to raise up a boy. At least I can have someone to watch Liverpool games with me.

Not so good
a) You can no longer take the cab service as the limit is only 4. Same goes for most rides in the amusement parks, the seats are usually for 2 or 4 pax, there will always be the odd one out (tho this is not so much of a problem for our family).
b) Parents, you are outnumbered once you have decided to have more than 2 children. With just Joey and Jayne, Kless and I can tag-team and pull each one aside if they start to be a bit more mischievous. I cannot imagine what would we do if there is a 3rd child running around.
c) Middle child syndrome. As most experts and experienced parents will warn us, the middle child syndrome is very real and most likely will happen. So if you are already not having enough time for 2 children, then don’t cause more trouble having a 3rd. That is also probably responsible parenting 101.


Am I ready for number 3?

Only God knows.


  1. HAHA, go for it! Someone to accompany you to watch your soccer matches must sound really tempting... :p

    1. Arghhh... but I'm sure Kless would rather not... Hahahaa..