Monday, April 15, 2013

I Am A Father

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Daddy Matters started because one of the Daddies, Winston aka The Blogfather, took an April Fool’s Day joke one step further. 11 fathers gathered online to discuss about this idea of setting a community page for sharing of fatherhood experiences. The rest are history.

Fatherhood is probably one of the least talk about topics in modern parenting. The notion of ‘absentee fatherhood’ is real and has been around for the past decade or so. So personally I am just glad to finally have some sort of platform where the active Daddy Bloggers can convene on ideas and bounced off experiences.


One of the question posed in our recent talk was, “When did you first – truly – realise you were a dad?”

As dramatic as it may sound, when Joey was born, I was alone outside the delivery theatre. I can only hear her cries from within and immediately tears welled in my eyes. At that moment, I was thinking to myself she is my flesh and blood, she is the special one. The rest of the days passed by like a flash. I don’t even have time to sit down and ponder about fatherhood. It was just work, take care of baby, work and more taking care of baby.

Soon, Joey turns 1 and she has already learnt to call me Daddy. It was a wonderful feeling, a new title added to my profile.

By the time Joey turns 4 and ready to start some schooling, a new phase of fatherhood has begun. Besides providing the necessities of living, now I have to learnt to teach and lead by example. That brought out a new me I didn’t even know, to be an example for your child is not an easy task.

So to answer the question, when do I start to realise I am a Dad? I think there isn’t a specific phase but rather a gradual curve of realisation as a Daddy learns to Guide, Guard & Govern his family (child).


So are you more interested to know about the dM? Check out the founders! You will have a rough idea who are we and why we are doing what we are doing.

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