Friday, May 31, 2013

Logitech - Live For Music

Product Review

I am not a Tech Blogger. I am not a “sound” person, by that I mean I don’t have any audio training to give any expert comments. But from a pure consumer’s point of view or a person who listens to music everyday, I am here to give you a reason why I think Logitech UE products are worth a try. Also, this could be a guide for your Father’s Day gift to the special man in the family.

Logitech’s Belief
We’re not doing this for everyone. We’re not doing this to blend in. Or to fit a lifestyle. Unless that lifestyle is music. Pure, undiluted music. Because everything else is noise. And noise distracts from what really matters. Call us obsessed. Single-minded. And you’re right. Because all we see is music.

Logitech UE™ 900 – Noise-Isolating Earphones
The Logitech UE™ 900 Noise-Isolating Earphones deliver sound that’s surpassed only by our Custom In-Ear Monitors, thanks to four-armature speakers per ear and a three-way crossover in a universal fit. You get clean, well-rounded, textured sound – a wide soundstage with soul-satisfying bass, heavenly highs and a crisp, piano-like timbre. The Logitech UE Sound Signature faithfully recreates the original recording and adds a low-end kick. Five silicon tips and three Comply® Foam Tips each designed with a large-bore opening, ensure audio is delivered cleanly. Two detachable, braided cables – one with a mic and controls, and one without – let you swap out the standard cable for the cable-plus-mic and controls option. Ear loops offer a secure, comfortable fit you can wear for a long time.

UE 900 (1)

Product Specifications
Earphone type: in-ear
Cable length: 48 inch
Weight: 17.7g

IMHO: The UE 900 is definitely for the musicians. While listening to songs, I can distinctively hear the different instruments and the singing part was very clear and crisp. However, if I switch to heavier bass music like trance music, the bass was not as ideal. Another great point for UE 900 is the ear loops design. With this design, this model becomes the perfect gift for a Dad who loves to run.

2013-05-01 01.13.12

Logitech UE™ 9000 – Wireless Headphones
The Logitech UE™ 9000 Wireless Headphones combine custom, laser-tuned drivers and a high-quality Bluetooth® connection for a spacious soundstage and a remarkable level of power, punch and clarity. Logitech’s active noise-canceling technology filters out ambient noise for an immersive listening experience. Intuitively placed controls allow you to select songs, turn up the volume, or answer a call – naturally and easily. And because life should feel better with headphones, not without them, the Logitech UE 9000 Wireless Headphones feature plush memory-foam cushions, flex-fit, rotating joints and a sumptuous, form-fitting, around-the-ear design that conforms to the contours of your head.

UE 9000 (1)

Product Specifications
Wireless range: 50 feet (15m)
Headphone type: around-the-ear
Noise isolation: 26dB

IMHO: If the UE 900 is for musicians, then the UE 9000 has to be for DJs. Where it lack out on the crispness of the instruments or voice, it definitely made up with it’s powerful bass. The perfect headphone for trance or live concerts. With the wireless feature, there is finally a headphone without the hassle of getting entangled while on the go. And the design is not too bulky too. With it’s swivel joints, it is definitely a love for the DJs. In fact, a part time DJ friend tried it for a while and immediately loved the bass and design. Did I mention the noise-canceling effect? This is an incredible gift for the Dad who needs some quiet peace and enjoy his music.


DSC_9935 DSC_9938

Logitech UE™ – Mobile Boombox
The Logitech UE™ Mobile Boombox is an ultraportable Bluetooth® speaker that can double as a speakerphone for voice and video calls. You can use your smartphone or tablet to play and control your music from up to 50 feet away. And because two mobile devices can be connected at the same time, you and a friend can take turns playing music. Designed to give you surprisingly big sound in a portable package, the Logitech UE Mobile Boombox has a 10-hour rechargeable battery. And with metal finishes, vibrant accents and a unique grip-action rubber casing it’s built to look good, feel great in your hand and withstand a little rough and tumble.

UE Mobile Boombox (1)

Product Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH): 111 x 67 x 61mm
Weight: 298g

IMHO: The most wonderful feature of the UE Mobile Boombox is it’s mobility! Though it may small but the power packed within is pretty decent. Though it may not bring forth the clarity as compared to the earphones or headphones, but the fact that it is so easy to bring around, works well with many families (check out how it is compared to iPhone5 in size). If you want your Dad to show off some of his latest sound tracks or videos to his friends, nothing will go wrong with this little Boombox.


In 2 weeks time, it’s Father’s Day and all men generally love tech toys, so these series of toys from Logitech will be a perfect match for all the music loving Dads! Why not take the chance to surprise the man at home and appreciate them for their hardwork both in the workplace and at home.

P/S: All opinions and comments are 100% my own.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sport’s Day With Jayne

Jayne had her first Sport’s Day and we were invited to join her and her class. It was scheduled on a Friday 530pm, so we were quite sure no other parents would be free to attend. But we were so wrong. Almost every kids’ parents took time off to attend the event.


Ms Barbara, the principal of the CDC started the presentation with a few slides showing us the activities of the centre. She is a very nice person and we were so happy to leave Jayne in her care.


Can you spot Jayne?



It’s time for sports, the kids were already out on the basketball court waiting for their parents. The older kids formed a cheering team to welcome us too. Cute!



Jayne and her classmates were seated quietly waiting for us. She looked so happy just to see us. This made all the effort worth it!




The sports event will start from the youngest to the oldest, so Jayne’s class will be second to play. Here she is getting ready with her teacher-in-charge, Ms Nurul standing behind her.

DSC_9525 DSC_9526

Before it starts proper, there was also a short time of warm up for the kids and parents. As you can see, I conveniently excused myself because I was the photographer.




Jayne followed the exercise with perfection. Ok, I am biased. Which father isn’t?

DSC_9550 DSC_9557 DSC_9558

DSC_9560 DSC_9562 DSC_9566


Why that pitiful face?


Jayne actually used sign language to ask for water. So funny.


Finally, it’s her turn to play. Poor girl, she is already quite tired after sitting on the basketball court for 15mins waiting for the first class to finish their games.


The N2 kids are playing ‘Passing the Egg"’ game. Hence, the chicken headgear.


Jayne was in second row. Do you see the small girl behind Jayne? Her name is Huixin and she is so adorable, and also so small-size. Both Yixin and Huixin are good friends in class.


And the race begins!



DSC_9664 DSC_9668

After her individual game, it was time for parents to be involved. Thankfully, Kless was with me and you would see the reason why. Opps! Only one lady on the starting line.



The game was to hold a balloon in between the child and parent and run towards the finishing line. You can imagine if it was me playing, poor Jayne would be hugging my knee instead.

DSC_9692 DSC_9693

All set, Klessis & Jayne, jiayou!!


It started quite well, but half way down the line, Kless ended up carrying Jayne instead of Jayne stepping on her feet.


Can you see that my dear wife was still holding on to her phone? Why ah?


Well, I guessed from their facial expressions, Kless probably enjoyed it more than Jayne.

DSC_9725 DSC_9730

It was a fun day for Jayne and for us too. Looking forward to more of such parent-child sports event.
Kless will play, I will take photos.


Monday, May 27, 2013


Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but before we know the truth or the entirety of any matter, it is always wiser to stay mute and be a responsible individual. In fact, being able to stay quiet about any matter before its end is a sign of maturity.

From 15-23 May, the first tranche of trials started for the highly solicitude CHC case. As a member of CHC, I am very excited that the trial has finally started. This would mark the beginning of the end. Whether it would take 2 or 3 tranches more, at least we are finally seeing the end of the tunnel.

In these 6 days of trails, I have witnessed a lot and learnt plenty. For the judicial department, this is probably the first time they have witnessed members of the public queuing up as early as 4am (on the average), to get a ticket to attend the court sessions. For the Defence Counsels (DC), many of which are Senior Counsels (SC), it has been a long time since they have stepped into the Subordinate Courts to fight a case.

I did not have the chance to attend any of the sessions, but from what I gathered, it was very technical till the point of being boring to those who do not really understand accountancy. It was definitely not like the HK dramas we have grown up watching. Nonetheless, it was still a good fight between the DPPs and DCs.

As expected, there were a few embarrassing email correspondences that were presented during the trail, the Prosecution Witnesses (PW) may or may not remember some of the details, but IMHO, I think it would be wise to wait till the defenders have their say before we pass any judgments. We must remember that it is not only the 6 individuals who are going  through this trial, but their spouses, their children, even their elderly parents are going through a tough period most of us cannot even imagine. Just based on that level, I feel it would be just plain humanity to keep our comments to ourselves and let the truth be told eventually.

Another thing I learnt from one of my friend, is to be objective in this period and do not become personal against any certain group of people. To put in plainly, the Prosecutors are not ‘devils’. They are paid to do a job and they are assigned by the Judiciary System to handle this trial. Again, we can only try to imagine what they are going through right now. Due to the massive media coverage of this case, they are inevitably thrown into the lime light too. Like the defenders, they too have their families and parents who are worried for them. Like mentioned by my ‘learned friend’, maybe in future our children maybe a Public Prosecutor too. Are we to say it is a bad choice?

All in all, I choose to focus on the positive. From this six days, I have seen how the various departments in the church came together as one and supported one another like never before. Supervisors dropped their ranks and served like any other. If anything, I believe the unity of the church, and I mean members, have gone up one level. Friendships have grown deeper. We have once again found the calling of true servanthood and humility.

I  thank all who have come and make it possible for the first tranche. Your sacrifices, be it queuing for tickets, sending water and snacks, driving, ushering, praying, encouraging one another, only God can truly reward you in full. I salute you!

If you have missed out on some of the reports for the first tranche, and don’t mind hearing from an alternative media coverage (City News), click on the following links to understand more.

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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Reading Room

Mondays have become unofficially ‘cafe day’. Since it’s our only off day and with both the girls in school, we are free to explore the different cafes in Singapore. So far, we have been to a few in Tiong Bahru, Beach Road, Orchard, etc.

Last Monday, Kless recommended The Reading Room (TRR). It’s situated along Bukit Pasoh Road. The look from outside may not be too inviting, but once we entered the cafe, we were immediately greeted by the old deco in the place, especially old telephones.

DSC_9465 DSC_9468

Hearsay from the staff, the boss of TRR especially like old phones but sadly, none of them are usable.


DSC_9497 DSC_9504

If are like to read a book while enjoying your afternoon tea or coffee, this is the perfect place to just pick up a book of the shelves and you will be lost in time for hours. Or pick up one of those card games / board games, you and your friends will easily have a wonderful time.


What about a game of chess on a mini board? Ask my wife and she will vouch that I am totally in love with such wooden stuff.


Interesting decos found in every little corner.





My usual cup of latte. Even the accompanying cookie is the old-fashioned ‘flower biscuit’.


Look what I found hidden in a corner? Walkman! If you have never seen one before, you are definitely not my era.


Or one of these? I’m not sure what is the actual name but it’s those film thing where you can insert a round film and toggle the switch besides to change your view.



Some of the books are for sale if you found something interesting.


If not, you can just be like us, bring a book and settle into one of the comfortable armchairs or sofas.

DSC_9499 DSC_9501

Or if you are feeling stress, they have a special wall for you. Directions for use provided.


It’s a happy cafe and I can foresee myself going back more often.


The Reading Room
19 Bukit Pasoh Road, S(089833)
Tel: 6220 9019
Opens daily from 11am to 2am

They are also available for corporate events, private parties, film/photography shoots, art exhibitions, book signings, etc..