Wednesday, November 11, 2015

[Giveaway] StickerKid

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Who loves stickers? My girls!!
All shapes of labels and stickers from
StickerKid makes life easier for parents. Created by the loving Swiss-German couple, Chris & Doerthe, StickerKid is the unique labels of top quality and colorful taste that allows kids to identify their clothes, shoes, water bottles and many other belongings in school, at playgrounds or even at home.

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The stickers were delivered in less than 3 days. In time to tag all the stationeries and bags for Jayne as she prepares for P1 next year.

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So we had the Discover StickerKid (Pack of 94 stickers). This is the most affordable entry level of sticker pack you can get. Order process is easy and no fuss online steps.

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Content of Pack:
60 small stickers
The compact size of these stickers makes it easy to label pens, folders, goggles, toothbrushes and more. Despite their size, they withstand microwave, dishwasher, freezer and survive water, sun and sand.

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20 clothing stickers
Simply iron on to clothing with the heat of iron. They will withstand at least 45 washings at 60 degree celsius without any problems. The stickers are made of the softest material for iron on labels to ensure they are smooth and pleasant on the skin on your child.

2015-11-08 13.01.27 2015-11-08 13.49.07

A simple 30 seconds iron on and the sticker will stick well.

2015-11-08 13.49.24 2015-11-08 13.52.17

2015-11-08 13.52.29

14 shoe stickers
For shoes or any other items. Shoe stickers are designed to easily fit inside shoes or in shoe soles thanks to their shapes both round and square.

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 2015-11-08 13.45.17 2015-11-08 13.45.33

2 Winners (either Stickers for books & notebooks OR Round iron-on labels for clothes)

To participate and win, please follow the steps below.
1. Like & Share my Facebook Page Post.
2. Leave a comment “I love Stickers!”.
3. Remember to tag Isaiah Kuan or J Babies’ Dad, so that I can track your participation.

Closing date of giveaway: Thu, 18 Nov 2015.
Winners will be chosen by random & announced on J Babies’ Dad FB Page. This is a Worldwide giveaway.
Decision of the judges will be final.