Friday, June 22, 2012

I Don’t Like Daddy

It was not long ago that every night Jayne wants me to be in the bedroom with her when she goes to bed. Now, she just doesn’t want me in the room anymore.

Humans are all the same, we will not treasure it when we have it, we will only start to miss it when we loses it. Then, I was wishing that Jayne can be more independent and sleeps on her own. Now, I am wishing she will let me stroke her hair and kiss her goodnight before she dozes off to sleep.

I wouldn’t say I am very sad she doesn’t want me in the room, but it’s a gentle reminder that as parents we should never take things for granted. Especially when our kids grow up so fast in this age.

It happened again 2 nights ago, Jayne wouldn’t let me in the room, she cried and wailed for 15mins until I finally stepped out of the room. Eventually, I managed to sneak in after she was asleep. Then in the morning, she would greet me happily and affectionately like nothing has happened the previous night.

Complicated life of a father, but I like! (if there is a “like” button for fatherhood, I’ll be the first to press it)



  1. Oooo maybe she feels like she's a big girl and can be independent already. Gosh, there are days when I wished that I have more free time in the evenings as my daughter wants me to put her to sleep. I better treasure them while I can.

  2. Now, I am at the earlier stage. I need more me time at night, so I am trying to get him to sleep as early as possible. ahaha

    1. hahaha..we have all been there =)
      just rem don't take those special moments with kids for will go a long way for either child or parent..
      we all got to be "new sensitive parents" =)

  3. Ya Susan, we really have to treasure the moments with them before they enter into their my elder daughter is 6 yo now, she would prefer to hang out with her grandma more than me.. with P1 coming next year, I'm sure she will have lesser time for me liao..