Friday, June 8, 2012

F.U.N. @ Festival Village

When bringing children out, the most important thing for them has to be FUN! If not, their attention will wane within seconds and you’ll end up with whining kids, sulking faces, and last but not least, frustrated parents.


Brought the girls to Esplanade last week to try out the new ‘tangle’ activity @ Singapore Arts Festival Village. Every child was given a ball of elastic cloth and release their creativity and fun to tangle in the maze. Actually I was secretly hoping I can try it too =)


Jayne didn’t know what to do, she just stood there “stoned”. Most likely due to the fact she missed her usual afternoon nap.


The advantage of having more than 1 child is, you can always rely on the other child to enjoy the event and make the trip worth it.




It ain’t Arts Festival if you only have one activity right? One of the girls’ favourite hobby – drawing and colouring. I realised that Joey has started to be more creative in the recent art activities, she no longer just colour the entire piece, but will have designs like the one you see here, dots and heart shapes. Looks like all the effort of exposing her to more art events is paying off.


Look at her end product.


Jayne? She is still learning…


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