Friday, June 15, 2012

Just Joey

As Joey grows older, she seems not so keen to be photographed. I guess she is going through a stage of being more self conscious and knows what she wants. Nowadays, she chooses her own clothes, decides on what to wear when we go out, ties her own hair (this is totally amazing, I believe its something inert in every girl to know how to tie their own hair, we didn’t teach her at all).

This is Joey in January, when we were in Kukup, she still looks quite chubby then.


Just like what Kless says, Joey has very better complexion compared to Jayne. Very smooth and slightly tan.


Look at her with one of her favourite Hello Kitty pearl necklace. OMG leh!


For those who have seen her in person, you will surely agree that Joey is quite tall for her age, in fact there were more than a few times we got stares from bus drivers when she boarded without paying..


One thing I have to salute Joey is her courage. She is fearless when it comes to trying new things or meeting new people. Just like this badly taken video clip, when we brought her to the Arts Festival recently, there was this special equipment that uses vibration and static to create sounds and music. There were a lot of people standing around to watch, but not many will dare to try.

I’m a proud father!

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