Friday, June 1, 2012

Swinging Day

SMS: We are going to Waterfront for breakfast picnic.
Reply: Okay, buy tau sa pau for me, I’m on the way.

That’s how we started the children’s official June holidays. I can foresee many more abhor decisions to bring the girls out during this period. That is how life should be right? Just be spontaneous and fun.

Thanks to Kless who is always on the lookout for new and fun activities for the family.


Every moment is a photo moment.


The swing has to be the favourite for all 3 ladies.


Jayne has a bit more difficulty getting on the swing, but given the competitive nature between the 2 girls, she won’t give up without a try.



Did I mention 3 ladies? Cos Kless also joined in for the fun.


I have 3 women who really loves the swing. Joey & Jayne trying to follow Mummy’s swing-steps.


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