Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ear Piercing Experience

We promised Jayne to bring her for ear piercing when she turns 3. Finally the day has arrived. We prepared her for many weeks, told her the pain will only be like an ant’s bite, the pros out-weights the cons. Truth be told, Daddy Isaiah is more gan-chiong than Baby Jayne. Most of the time when the 2 girls went for their immunisation jabs, it was Kless who brought them into the doctor’s room, I will stay outside and wait. I can’t bear to see the girls feel the pain and cry.

But this time it’s different. I stood firm and managed to take some photos for memory’s sake.

Jayne sitting on the chair, getting ready for it. Can actually sense her anticipation and slight tinge of uncertainty.



BRAVO to my little girl. Papa is so proud of you. You are so brave! Check out this short clip, sorry for the image quality, I was too gan-chiong and it happened so fast.

Jayne’s ear piercing

No tears! No crying! Such a wonderful girl!


Maybe she was a bit startled by the gun pierce sound.


Like what Kless said, suddenly Jayne looks so much more demure with her new earrings.


Told her we will be shopping for some cool and nice earrings in Gold Coast later in June.

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