Friday, May 18, 2012

DadsforLife Conference 2012

For the 3rd year running, this conference is an event brought together by MCYS, National Family Council and DadsforLife. This year it was held at a familiar place at Orchard Hotel.


Originally I was not planning to attend the event as I would be busy in the morning and would miss at least half the conference, but thanks to Paul (DadsforLife), I was given a complimentary ticket to attend. So I did! It was worth all the effort to be there even though I was 1.5 hours late.


This year there were 2 keynote speakers: Mr Wilfred C. Hoecke (Director of Family Information and Educatoin; Leader of the Fathers Network; National Trainer in fatherhood) & Dr. John Ng (President of Meta; Honorary Chair of the Board of Governance for Eagles Mediation and Counselling Centre; Expert in conflict management).

Some of the key points mentioned in the conference:
1. How you view conflicts is how you will react to it
2. Most conflicts are irresolvable, the key is to manage around it
3. Viewing conflicts as a negative things usually causes the avoidance of it, or submission to it
4. Relationships are more important than things, don’t magnify other things to be bigger or more important than relationships

One of the highlights of the conference has to be the much anticipated celebrity panel sharing about their fatherhood/ motherhood experiences in Singapore:

From the left to right: Mr C Kunalan (Singapore’s most successful track & field athlete), Mr Douglas Foo (Member of the National Family Council; Chairman and CEO of Sakae Holdings Ltd), Mr Brian Richmond (Veteran Radio Personality), Ms Maggie Lim (Radio Personality) and Mr Steven Chia (Host of AM LIVE on Channel News Asia).


One of the scenario given to the panelists was:
"No money, no fun, your Son"; "Too bad, so sad, your Dad"
The best answer given was by Ms Maggie. No matter what her children would ask from her, be it a mobile phone, a new pair of shoes, more pocket money, she will ask them to explain why they need it. If they can give a good answer, she will obliged. I feel that is such a precious advice! =)

Personally my girls are still young and will not ask me for money yet, but I can already imagine that one day she will start to ask for more money, more freedom, more fun, more space, etc.. What will I do? I can only start to pray for wisdom now.

Last piece of advice for all the fathers out there. Don’t doubt yourself! You are more than capable to handle all the difficult issues of parenthood. Just show more love and time to be with your children, when the time comes for you to do the right thing, you will know what to do. If not, come and attend the conference next year =)

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