Monday, May 28, 2012

Jayne Turns 3

2 weeks ago Jayne finally turns 3 years old. In a way, I’m 3 years older (hopefully wiser) as a father. This fatherhood road has been a journey of fun and laughter more than anything. Jayne is such a darling, living up to her name, 以心, she is really a darling that touches our hearts in such a beautiful way. She is always so eager to greet you when you stepped into the house. She is always looking out to see if you (kids) have toys to play. She is so sweet and will just come up to me suddenly and kiss me on the cheek and call me “Daddy” in the most beautiful sound ever heard.

Just look at her smile and all your worries will vanish.


We did a McDonalds birthday party for her this year. Secretly I think all children should have at least one birthday party at their favourite place. Papa Isaiah didn’t get his chance when he was younger, so he is trying to fulfil his own dreams too =)

Just look at the nice posters on the wall. So colourful and vibrant!


The kids get to wear a nice crown and eat their favourite nuggets or fries.



Parents and adults have a rare chance to just relax since the kids are just enjoying themselves in an enclosed area with someone to entertain them. Win-win scenerio.



A collage of the kids & a few adults playing games organized by the Mcdonalds staff.


My dad was also there, his birthday is just 2 days before Jayne, so technically we are also celebrating his birthday too.


For the entire 2 hours or so, Jayne was so cooperative and smile at every photo chance. So much so, her smile became a bit frozen.


Thank you to all our dear friends & children who came and made the celebration more meaningful for Jayne. I’m sure when she is older, she will look at all these photos and remember the moment we spent together.




Yo, Sista! Yo, Sista’s love!


The birthday girl making her wish and blowing the candles.



Even cutting the cake needs to be so drama-rama. But who is to say no? It’s her birthday party.


This is the first time I have seen so many people willing to pose for a funny shot. Even my mother and father-in-law joined in too. Cute!


No birthday party is complete without the family photos. With 奶奶 & 姐姐.


With 公公, 婆婆 & 舅舅.


The Kuan Family.


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