Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Soulout @ Pasir Ris Farmway1

Thanks to Leslie Tay who recommended this ulu eating place at Pasir Ris Farmway1. Since my in-laws stays in Pasir Ris, I took the opportunity to bring them there and a chance to score more points =)



This place is truly tucked well inside Farmway1, there isn’t any road signs along the way to direct us when we drove in. Just follow the signs for Kid’s Kampong and you will be fine.

Recommended by the owner, we ordered the very nice sambal la-la. The spicy-ness is just right, the portion is good for 4 adults.


Another sambal dish I would recommend is the sotong (I’m a fan of sotong). Taste a bit similar to the above la-la, but I just love the sauce which went very well with rice.


Sesame oil chicken for the kids. Nothing spectacular, in fact the sauce was a bit too bland for my taste.


No meal will be complete without some vegetables. Highly recommended will be the Dou Miao with mushrooms and prawn. This dish is different from the usual dou miao we ordered at other cze-char stalls, cos the veg has a more chewy feel but not too tough to be swallow. You got to try it to understand what I mean.


Verdict from Joey: Thumbs Up!


Like I mentioned earlier, the makan place is just besides the more noted Kid’s Kampong. Joey will be coming with her class for a 2nd time in 2 years next week.


For parents bringing their kids, you can just let the kids visit the kampong or feed the fishes while you and your friends enjoy a cold beer at Soulout. Won’t that be nice?


I think we will be back for some of the other dishes we missed, like, hotplate otah, fishhead curry, crabs, etc…



  1. Thanks for the write-up! I read the review on ieatishootipost too, and have been wanting to bring my family there too. Having read your post, it has made me hungrier to bring them there soon! Heh.

  2. Yup! I think we will be back again soon.. =)