Wednesday, May 2, 2012

West Coast Park

After hearing so much of this playground and seeing so many nice photos from different Daddy bloggers’ posts, we finally walked the same steps and brought our girls to the far west in search of the playground.


If you are driving or like me taking a cab, do not search the maps using “west coast park”, because it will only lead you to the residential areas instead of the actual park. I would recommend to search for “west coast park mcdonald’s” instead, it will never go wrong with the famous “M” outlet. The actual road name should be West Coast Highway.

Even though I have read quite a few posts from Sengkangbabies & Cheekiemonkie, I was still unaware that this park/ playground is so big! It has to be one of the biggest outdoor playground park in Singapore.


I thing I realised is the entire playground area is built on sand! That is so much more fun than running on those synthetic ground.


The one place Joey loves the most has to be the giant area with the “flying fox”.


Once she gets on, it’s no stopping her, you will only see a tired father running along a super happy girl with his camera and bag, trying to ensure she doesn’t falls down and trying to get some nice photos all at the same time.



Jayne tried it just once, maybe the height was the obstacle.


But hey! Who is this?


Kless decided to give it a try too (yes, adults can play too =D)


Just besides the flying fox, you will find this big round disc acting like some sort of swing. It can comfortably sit 2-3 pax. But Joey had it all for herself.


If your kids are more of the adventurous type, try the spider-web climb. The reward is sliding down the long slide.


Jayne was so cute, she stood by the rope bridge and didn’t dare to cross it until Joey came to her rescue.


I just love this group of photos, how Joey guides and lead Jayne across the rope bridge. Sweet!



Jayne has grown up to be a very cheeky girl like her sister too.


Red train has something magical over Jayne. She was totally enjoying herself for a full 10mins.


If you are keen for some tent time, this park is also a good choice. Not my words, picture says so.


End of the day with some cold coke, ice milo and hot fudge sundae. Excellent!


West Coast Park, we will be back for more!


  1. Glad to see your girls enjoyed West Coast Park! Definitely must go back again. :D

  2. Yes! there are still quite a fair bit of slides the girls didn't play yet.. =)