Thursday, September 28, 2017

Families that Grow Up Together

Families that stay together grows stronger. I think that means we spend time experiencing life together, exchanging thoughts and skills. And in a typical Singaporean way, the best thing to build relationships is through food!

So last Sunday we planned a family gathering with some of the families that had known each other for a long time. Some of us are friends for more than 10 years, some are 20 years or more.

2017-09-24 20.39.11

2017-09-24 20.19.32

Have to say, picnic is so “old school”, right? As we settled down along the pier at Woodlands Waterfront, most of the passer-bys were quite impressed with what we have prepared for dinner. Some families were so excited I kid you not, they almost wanted to join us too.

2017-09-24 20.20.32

As a father of 2, I truly want my girls to grow up with the kids of families I know. Not saying that the children in school are bad, but I do not know those kids’ parents, neither do I know what type of values or beliefs the family subscribe to. So for me, the safest is for my girls to grow up with a group of children whose parents are close to us as well. At least we have the same faith and value the same things.

2017-09-24 20.47.18

2017-09-24 20.41.12 2017-09-24 20.45.31

A father & daughter pose.

2017-09-24 20.39.41 2017-09-24 20.40.10

Jayne is especially close to Chernise as they are only 1 month apart in age. In fact, our families have been friends for as long as this 2 cuties have been born, 8 years and counting.

2017-09-24 20.17.37

Bethany is 6 and our families have known each other even before she was born.

2017-09-24 20.22.01

2017-09-24 20.51.33

Poor Joey’s friends were not able to make it that day.. so she was acting emo on her own, watching out into the sea.. No worries gal, Papa is looking out for you.

2017-09-24 20.29.37

And the conversations and laughter continued well into the night. And we got to enjoyed a beautiful sunset.

2017-09-24 20.27.05

2017-09-24 20.32.25 2017-09-24 20.38.36

2017-09-24 20.43.46

Till the next gathering!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Legoland Malaysia 5th Anniversary

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If you are looking for a nearby theme park out of Singapore, then Legoland Malaysia has to be your choice. Legoland Malaysia celebrates its 5th brick-versary this September. With this special celebration, we were blessed to have 2 sets of combo tickets (entry to both Legoland & Water themepark).


2017-09-23 17.13.55

From the JB checkpoint, we took a 15mins Grab ride to our destination and the cost was only M$24/car.

Besides bringing the family, we were able to invite 4 close friends to join us. The girls had so much fun as the different gor-gors and jie-jies took turns to entertain them.

2017-09-23 17.15.12

2017-09-24 00.19.04

Due to the raining forecast that day, we have decided to spend the afternoon sun in the Water theme park first. Changed into out swim/beach wear, we are ready to conquer the rides. By that I mean the younger ones. I have the perfect reason (recovering eye) to be excused.

2017-09-23 17.15.56

2017-09-23 17.16.56

First ride of the day was this huge Red Rush ride. As the timid girls from the start, only Kless and the 4 friends (Calista, Celine, Andrew, Noel) went for it.

2017-09-23 17.18.36 2017-09-23 17.19.56 2017-09-23 17.21.02

This ride is perfect the family with a maximum of 6 person at one go. Minimum height is 102cm.

2017-09-24 00.19.13

Eventually, the timid ones took the plunge too, and mind you.. we did it twice! (can you see Jayne’s dramatic scared look, so wayang).

2017-09-23 15.22.40

As the Kuan family relaxed at the Wave Pool (sadly there wasn’t any waves leh), the 4 other friends tried out all the other rides – Brick Blaster, Slide Racers, Tidal Tube, Twin Chaser, etc.

2017-09-23 17.22.38

2017-09-23 17.23.53 2017-09-23 17.24.22

2017-09-23 17.56.25

2017-09-23 17.25.01 2017-09-23 17.25.36

2017-09-23 17.31.09 2017-09-23 17.31.48

2017-09-23 17.51.26 2017-09-23 17.52.14

2017-09-23 17.52.45 2017-09-23 17.53.49

2017-09-23 17.55.49 2017-09-23 17.54.18 2017-09-23 17.54.47

Surprisingly, the 2 boys (Andrew & Noel) had some fun at the kids’ water playground (Joker Soaker) too. They were splashing kids with the waterguns, running under the huge pail to be to be splashed by the giant 300-gallon bucket. I think they have re-discovered their childhood-ness in that place.

2017-09-23 16.08.39

2017-09-23 15.30.35

It was soaking fun for all of us!

2017-09-23 14.29.33

After we bathed, it was almost 5pm. And we still have 2 more hours to visit Legoland before it closes at 7pm. Though we were all tired from the water fun earlier, thankfully the weather was good and we had a nice walk inside the park and enjoyed the spectacular LEGO displays.

Happy 5th birthday LEGOLAND!

2017-09-23 18.07.37 2017-09-23 18.08.30

One of the section in the park that always wow me is the Miniland.

2017-09-23 18.09.16

2017-09-23 18.10.16

2017-09-23 18.10.52 2017-09-23 18.12.13

2017-09-23 18.11.38

For the special 5th Brick-versary, there is a new addition in the Park. The LEGO Star Wars Miniland. This is a must visit for all the Star Wars fans! I’ve never watched a single Star Wars movie, but I am very impressed by the size of the displays and the detail thoughts given to prepare the new Miniland attraction.

IMG_0943 IMG_0942

IMG_0920 IMG_0921

May the force be with you!

2017-09-23 18.16.30

2017-09-23 18.17.02


IMG_0933 IMG_0931

Time to leave.. we are tired and hungry, can’t wait to have dinner at KSL Mall!!

2017-09-24 00.18.56

As we leave the Park, let me bring to you more new exciting fun release from LEGOland.

Join your favorite ninjas – Llyod, Jay, Kai, Cole, Zane and Nya from The LEGO Ninjago movie. LEGOland will be launching a series of activities that will allow aspiring ninja kids and families to hone their ninja skills at the LEGO Ninjago World training camp.
The activities include learning the wisdom of Master Wu, tapping on inner imagination to build the LEGO Monastery of Spinjitsu, mastering the various elements of a ninja warrior. After mastering your ninja skills, you will put your skills to the test at the LEGOland Ninjago The Ride – a fully immersive 4D dark-ride combining unique hand gesture technology for an enhanced interactive experience.
So look out for the info and date. Check out LEGOLAND.