Monday, March 6, 2017

Zimmer Review - Z Lipo & Z Wave

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What is one worry for most men over 40? A growing belly tummy or what my wife jokingly would say, “Male pregnancy”.
Strictly speaking, I am not overweight nor am I considered to be fat, in fact most of my friends would call me slim or skinny. But that is the problem..
How can a seemingly slim man hide his budging belly tummy?
In comes the new revolution of skin tightening and body contouring – Zimmer ZLipo & Zimmer ZWave.
Zimmer is here to help with the latest 2nd generation of Cryo-lipolysis German Engineered Technology; the power combination of Z Lipo and Z Wave Pro (Cryolipolysis & Shockwave).
What is Z Lipo & Z Wave?Z Lipo targets fat deposits and chills them in a controlled manner over a prolonged period, leading to the destruction of the fat cells. Dead fat cells will be naturally removed through the lymphatic system, emphasizing on the reduction of fat deposits with cold. This treatment is safe, gentle and great for treating every body areas optimally. The use of pulsating suction increases the positive effect on lymphatic drainage and metabolism.
Z Wave uses radical shockwaves to tighten one's skin, cellulite and general connective tissue. It helps improve skin firmness, elasticity and collagen regeneration on the abdomen, upper arm and cellulite on the legs and buttocks. With the use of Radial Pulse Therapy, it delivers comfortable pulses consistently, replacing the need for manual painful vigorous massage in many cryogenic lipolysis protocols.
Together they form a power fat reduction treatment to effectively reduce fat depots permanently.
Still remember my belly tummy problem?
2017-02-23 14.37.30 2017-02-23 14.38.57
So I went to one of the clinics that provide the treatment, the doctor and nurses went through with me the procedures (which is about an hour), basically ensuring me that it is a painfree process, I will feel slightly uncomfortable in the beginning during the suction of the applicators, and after the treatment, there is virtually no side effects. There may be some redness or slight tenderness of the treated area in the days following treatment (a bit like muscle soreness after exercising).
2017-02-23 14.40.06 2017-02-23 14.43.14
As you can see, the 2 applicators were applied to my targeted belly tummy areas, one left and one right. Extra precaution was also taken to avoid damage to the skin, a special gelpad was placed on the treatment area during the treatment. It was like a cold pad over my tummy.
2017-02-16 15.25.41 2017-02-16 15.27.55
Lights off, and I was just resting and checking my social media for the next hour.
The first 5mins was a gentle suction (pulsating) massage on the treated area. Then for 50mins the applicators stay still with increasing suction (the intensity can be set to one of ten different levels, adjustable during treatment) over the treatment area to “chill”out the fat cells. Finally the last 5mins was another round of suction massage over the tummy area as it finishes the entire 60mins process.
This is how the treated area looked like after the 60mins treatment. You can obviously see the fat portion that was under the suction treatment. This process is the Cryo-Lipolysis by Zimmer ZLipo.
2017-02-16 19.43.06
As recommended by Dr. Larry (the man on the left), and according to studies shown in 2013, shockwave treatment directly after Cyro-Lipolysis by Zimmer ZLipo and subsequently shockwave treatments once a week for four weeks can almost double the treatment effects with regard to fat reduction. Results are likely to be visible within 8 weeks!
Using radical shockwaves for skin tightening, cellulite and general connective tissue tightening, the Z Wave helps to improve skin firmness, elasticity and collagen regeneration on the treatment area.
The shockwave part can have a bit of discomfort or pain as the treatment area is still tender from the Cyro-Lipolysis. But what do they say? No pain no gain.
2017-02-16 19.44.45 2017-02-16 19.44.11
After 2 weeks, the result on the tummy is not obvious yet, but to my touch, I can feel that the area is no as “firm” as before. Which means, the fat cells are slowly breaking down and naturally removed through the lymphatic system. A constant reminder is to drink more water during this period to assist the process.
I’m definitely looking forward to the end results in 8 weeks time!
2017-02-23 14.38.57 2017-02-27 20.40.48
Just a word of thanks to Dr. Larry and his team. They have totally shown professionalism throughout the entire process. Constantly checking on me to see if I am feeling okay. Sharing with me experiences to make me understand better and feel more secure. What was really surprising was, on the following day after the treatment Dr. Larry sent a personal text message to check on me and how I feel. That was indeed a nice personal touch from someone who is not only purely interested to earn money but truly concern for his patient’s well being. Well done to the team!